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Interview with DEAD Magazine…

Hello. This is Buddy. I hope all is well. Alright, I’m going to have to come clean – this is the first proper blog I’ve put together. It’s something I probably should have gotten down with more actively a while back, and I’ve only ever messed with Myspace blogs really. So it’s fair to say my blogsmarts are hella weak.


Well, I’m going to try and sort that out – I won’t be relentless and post up my every waking (and sleeping) thought, and I’m still unsure of what a Twitter is, so I’ll get my self limitations on right now. Saying that, I reserve the right to change this at any point. Deal!


I thought I’d set it off with this interview that I had with DEAD Magazine over in Germany, around the end of December or so. They’ve had features with Prolyphic & Reanimator, Subtle and B. Dolan in the past, and if you check the site you’ll see how to get it all and whatnot. The interview here is the raw uncut, and I blew the word count the hell up – I know interviews aren’t everyone’s favourite things to do but I’m into them, and it’s cool to have the chance to talk in depth and the person here had put in some time with research and all that. But as you will plainly see here, I go on, and on and on and on… Let it flow, and ya don’t stop…


Word to Lana Michele Moorer.

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Feb 11

Blog check 12…12…

New songs in the works and shows in the works. Portland Oregon shows. I’m available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, clubs, house shows, backyard barbecues and church wilderness retreats

Feb 10

Jared Paul beats his case. ALL CHARGES DROPPED!

Jared Paul, one of many civilians who were unjustly arrested during the Republican National Convention, has finally beat his case.

All charges dropped.

Jared Pauls unjust arrest

Jared Paul's unjust arrest

In early September of 2008, Jared Paul had the option to plead guilty and avoid this costly legal battle, but that didn’t jive with him and it didn’t jive with his supporters. An attorney was hired (with the help of money donations via and we fought the case to the very end. It’s been a 5 month ordeal but victory is finally ours!

On Feb 9th, at12:43 pm, our attorney informed us that the dismissal requests
he filed to MN’s Ramsey Court were received and the case has been been
dismissed without prejudice due to insufficient evidence. Go figure.

For a full break down of what Jared Paul has been put through, check out his blog entries on

Read about this miscarriage of justice. Stay informed.

Read about this miscarriage of justice. Stay informed.

The Feb 27th show at the Grant in Pawtucket, RI is still going to act as a fundraiser (as we are still in the red) but this show is going to be more of a celebration of our victory than a request for money. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED OUR CAUSE.

This victory is for all citizens who are fed up with a system that bullies them into submission. There are many innocent people serving unjust time in American prisons and all over the world. Our struggle continues and we plan to keep fighting the tide. Stay aware, stay informed, and stay involved.

We’ve decided to leak a couple songs from the upcoming Prayers for Atheists EP on the new PFA myspace page:


Jared Pauls band

Jared Paul's band

One song that marks this victory in a special way is the “Psalm for St. Paul” track, which has Jared Paul chronicling his arrests at both the DNC as well as the RNC. No, we did not know he would beat his case. Yes, we are beyond thrilled.


Look at this Christian Slater lookin motherfucker. Pump Up the Volume!

Thank you, Jared. A lot of other people would have folded.

Feb 09

Beirut review, Christian Bale, Dane Cook and football

The Beirut show was beyond impressive. It took place at the Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, NY on Feb 6th. I paid an embarrassingly high ticket price from an internet scalper (one of the wackest hustles known to music lovers everywhere.) I had no idea that Beirut was popular enough to sell out this place two nights in a row.

After the 4 hour drive, my girlfriend and I found our way to our seats on the 3rd floor. I damn near suffered vertigo when looking down onto the stage. We were high up…and the seating section in the balcony area is dangerously steep. This was a strange setting for this type of show. Thankfully the singer, Zach Condon, motioned for the seating section on the floor to get up and crowd around the stage. He didn’t verbalize this request, as I’m guessing the Opera House has stern rules about people staying in their seats, but it enhanced the show despite all of us in the balcony section suffering through fits of jealousy.

If you’re not familiar with Beirut you can check them out at (let them know Sage Francis sent you…maybe we’ll score a collaboration from it. heh.) It’s not hip-hop, but it’s beautiful, original and kick ass.

Half-way through their show they had a middle school orchestra join them on stage. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen happen at a live show. I don’t know what kind of preparation goes into organizing something like this, but we sure as hell appreciated it. So thank you.

Amanda was able to sneak these two photos when the balcony guards weren’t breathing down our necks.

photo by Amanda GossPhoto by Amanda Goss

Unrelated end notes:

1) Dane Cook is the new Carrot Top. I’m glad the comedy world has come down on him for being a fraud.

2) The AFC-NFC Pro Bowl needs to not happen anymore.

3) By this point most people have heard the audio of Christian Bale going off on a stage hand during the filming of the new Terminator movie. Then came the youtube mash-ups…my favorites being:


Today Christian Bale released an apology stating this: “The thing that I really want to stress is I have no confusion whatsoever. I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk. I regret that.”

The correct press statement should have been this:
“I’m Christian Bale. Don’t interrupt my fucking awesome Terminator scene, you amateur TWAT!”

Don’t go soft on us, Mr. Bateman.

Feb 08

New Sage Blog! First Post

Watch out blogosphere….I’m coming with daily updates, video links to stupid shit, and whatever else I bloggin’ feel like. I will give updates on SFR stuff as well as non-SFR stuff. Just stuff in general type stuff pretty much. Just bloggin’ in it up. Bloggin’ with the homeboys.

For right now, how about you enjoy the features of this new website. Read about the new artists, check out the podcast, download the free music or purchase something if you want us to live and for us not to die. Actually, we’re currently transferring store items from the old website into this new website, so not everything is up and available just yet. If you purchased something before the switch was made DON’T WORRY…we got it all under control. Orders will be going out as usual.

There’s a “comment section” on my blog so you can post suggestions on what you’d like to see on the website. Until then, it’s time for daddy to go sleepy. I’ll be back to blog something new and fresh later on.

Blog out,

Sage Francis

Feb 04 Rage Against the Machine vs. the RNC

Firing this off before heading out for Knowmore representing at the Web 2.0 conference in NY tomorrow… after which I’ll drive back home and take off for Madison, WI. Tour starts wednesday!

Rage Against the Machine and Ripple Effect:
Eyewitness Report & Interview With Organizer Jim Forrey

Report by B. Dolan
Photos: Jonathon Hoffner
Special to the Blog


Jan 13

Sage show review from Hamilton, Ontario


“Offering my judgment and reason a chance to rest before Thursday’s direct support set was Sage Francis, a lone conscious hip hop MC. It takes a lot of charisma and energy for one man to fill a stage the size of that Rise Against would soon pulverize, and so credit is indeed due to the lyricist. He was funny, entertaining, and an extremely talented MC. I was unfamiliar with every song he performed, and yet still had my arms waving and feet tapping to his beats while he spewed lyrics on topics from the late Johnny Cash and social injustice to not being able to get it up. This guy is a hell of an entertainer, and added a nice new dimension to this show that really foiled well with the other two acts.”

Full review at:

Dec 30

Sage interview with Uptown Magazine

Personal politics

Rhode Island rapper Sage Francis isn’t afraid to speak his mind

Mike Sherby
from Uptown Magazine

The first piece of advice any budding writer will likely hear is ‘write what you know.’ It’s hackneyed, but there’s truth behind it. Take Sage Francis, for instance. The Rhode Island rapper has made a career of airing his personal demons onstage and in his music.

Opening up your life to a crowd of strangers would be enough to scare the pants off of most people, but Francis says he doesn’t think twice about it.

“It’s very easy for me. I started writing in the fourth grade, and even back then it was just a lot of confessional stuff,” he says. “The kind of stuff you wouldn’t speak openly about in any kind of normal circumstance, and that’s why it went to the pen, because it seemed like that was the place for it.”

Apart from examining his own life, Francis also focuses a critical lens on the world at large. In his hands, words become weapons he uses to attack the hypocrisy, greed and corruption that he sees in the world around him.

In September, Francis released the song Conspiracy to Riot over the Internet. The track is part of a fundraising campaign for Jared Paul, a journalist who was arrested during the Republican National Convention, which was held in St. Paul, Minn., earlier that month.

Francis says Paul, as well as hundreds of others, were arrested and held without reason by overzealous police officers.

“It got minimal press, definitely not the amount of press it deserved,” Francis says. “The fervor being about the political candidates, people’s rights took a back seat. And that’s really unfortunate, but expected at this point.”

As a student at the University of Rhode Island, Francis studied journalism. He credits this with helping open his eyes to the inner workings of news media – a medium he has an uneasy relationship with.

“You’re not really getting a bunch of information. It’s just a lot of people recycling the same stories, and repeating it over and over for weeks at a time,” he says. “It’s just what they all decide and they keep reeling people in, chained in, and that’s having a negative effect on their purposes. As media outlets, they should be there to keep the government in check and to inform people in order for us to make appropriate decisions as citizens of a capitalist country.”

Francis is currently crossing Canada with political punk act Rise Against as part of its Appeal To Reason tour. This will be his first time touring Canada, and he’s curious to see how fans will respond to his music.

“If they’re politically active, then they’ll take to the material I talk about in my music,” he says. “But if they’re so insular as to reject anything that isn’t in the punk rock medium, then we’ll have a problem. But I’ve had the same problem with hip hop crowds before.” Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 05

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