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My Tour Dates/Watch Yourself Asher

This is the basic run down of my pre release promo tour. I got the idea of fan poaching with promo stickers/ a cd with one track not on my album rapping outside venues of other artists and it grew on me. I love the idea of it. I talked to Scroobius after hearing he had used similar tactics and he said it worked out really well for him so all that dates that say fan poaching street show are just going to be me doing my set in front of venues with a boom box handing out my promo stickers and info. Also, I will be playing a few actuall shows. Maybe a few more at places I haven’t heard back from yet. I’m too busy to be booking so I thought I’d make the best of it and roll this way til I get a manager or some shit. bookings not my thing.

That said, This entire promo trip is contigent on August 6th. The Jump off point. My friend has an extra ticket for the Asher Roth show in Phillie at the Electric Factory. My plan is to go in and nail him with a Curtis Plum promo cd during his set, not with a case, just a cd buy itself or maybe in a paper sleeve to just graze him on the head and throw him off while he’s rapping, I don’t think I’ll even have to connect to make him fuck up. I have been practicing my cd throwing technique for weeks and I’m super accurate at 15 to 20 feet. Its sort of a metaphor inacted in real life for what all dope hip hop will always do to mainstream watered down bullshit. So if they arrest me on an assualt charge the rest of the tour won’t happen but it will be worth it, I’ve done plenty of time so I’m not stressin, its a win win situation. This is a personal vendetta. I was planning on doing it anyway and I’ve been networking with people I know to do the same thing if there is an Asher Roth show in their area or if they see him at a club or whatever. I just thought it would be a good way to start off my tour. Its kind of a movement I’m trying to get going called the Everyone Nail Asher Roth With An Indie Hip Hop CD Movement. Its something I really believe in and hope others will too. This tour isn’t about me, its about making the world better for everyone by throwing cds at Asher Roth in public when he is trying to look cool.

Initially my trip back east was to visit some old friends and hit Asher Roth with a cd on stage but then I figured I might as well book a few shows and do some promo stuff while seeing the sights and taking it all in. Oh, just joking about the Asher Roth thing, I’m sure hes a really cool guy. I would never do that…….or would I?

Dates(Follow my ass on twitter and myspace as I will most likely add more dates).

august 6th phildelphia pa at the electric factory nailing asher rothe cd throwing show. whenever I get close enough to Asher

aug 8th pittsburg pennsylvania at garfields artworks with jackson from grand buffet actual show on stage. time ?

august 11 chantilly virginia Sullys johnny 3 legs fan poaching show 9pm

august 15th new haven ct toads place de la soul fan poaching street show 8pm

august 18th portland maine at north star cafe open mic plus street show 9pm

august 17th the Brighton Bar long branch new jersey Open mic on stage plus street show 9pm

august 21st Iron Horse street show with the problem addicts and alchemist fan poaching street show 9pm

sept 29th baltimore maryland at zodiac with Hieght actual show on stage. time ?

Sept 6th providence rhode island at stage Strange Famous Block party actual show on stage

You love college. Lets see how much you love my promo CD wizzing at your dome with lighting speed while your on Stage fool.

Jul 17

How to Handle Drunk Hecklers When You’re Fat and Wearing An Evel Knievel Suit Onstage: A Pictorial

I know a lot of people have been having problems with this, so I thought I’d present this pictorial to help demonstrate a method I’ve found useful.

Step 1. Ask for a Volunteer from the Drunk Heckler Section.

Step 2. Drunk Heckler now thinks he is at a magic show.  He is also now conscious that he is on a stage.  This means he will do whatever you ask him to, if you talk like you have a clear purpose for him.  No one wants to be onstage with no purpose.  Start by having him lay on his stupid heckler face.  Don’t say that though.  Just say “Ok, I need you to lie on your face…”

Step 3. Now that he’s laying on his face instead of yelling like a fucking donkey in the front row, make use of the once-again-undivided attention of the crowd.  Maybe use the spotlight to point out how dumb this guy looks, laying on his face.  What’s he gonna do?  He’s laying on his face.

Step 4. Tell the crowd you’re going to jump over the Drunk Heckler. You are wearing an Evel Knievel suit, after all. You might as well jump (jump). Have him lay on his back, so that in case “you don’t make it” you can step on a Drunk Heckler’s nuts.

At this point, no one will have noticed that your fat body is making your Evel Knievel belt unsnap. They will be too busy hoping to see you step on the asshole guy’s nuts.

Step 5. Prepare to do irreparable damage to another man’s reproductive organs.

Step 6. Jump. Bring 270 pounds of falling boot heel down on somebody’s testicles, while the horrified audience looks on. You’ll never play this city again. He’ll never be the same man again. But you fucking do it. You do it for Michael Jackson. You show that man’s nuts the same amount of mercy they showed Michael. Which is zero.

Step 7. Just drop a beat. Ask the crowd politely to throw their hands in the air. They’ll forget all about the screaming man on the floor. The good thing about having music to perform with is that you can’t hear the hecklers.

Hope this has been helpful.


Jul 09


…The worry has been hanging around me all morning, which in my world is quite a big bother considering It’s always talking out of turn, invading my personal space and stuffing enormous slices of humble pie down my throat with out relent. I’m not sure why I invited the worry over in the first place, it’s seldom it ever needs to be around to put me in a nervous panic.

It was twelve a.m. when the worry rolled in to say “hello! OMG! Is everything O.K.?” “Did you forget anything important?” and three pm when I finally pulled the whole “hey worry, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?” the worry went out like a light and I went about daily routine.

Now I’m at a rival coffee shop drinking some cold press with my headphones on listening to the beats for my new album “porcelain revolver” when something hits me like a Chevy half ton…I got the day off, a couple of bucks and a will to write for hours on end…I aint talking blog’s, I’m talking some good old fashioned and new fangled folk-hop/flamenco funk rock-talking to the winds of change type bangers!
But before I jump into writing songs I’d like to share one story from yesterday that has been on my mind.

I was planning on taking a few friends to my parents cabin on the lake where my great grandfather had built a cabin/shack somewheres around 1920 I’m guessing. My mother and father bought it from my grandfather a few years back and invested a good chunk of cash into it’s remodeling, Which is why (when I asked if I could bring some friends there for the night) they were a little concerned about what I might do to the place when I’m up there, which is understandable considering my track record that needs no mention as of yet. They eventually give me the thumbs down on the cabin.
My friends and I were a little bummed, but were completely understanding of the out come. We decide to drive out to st. Paul mn and grab a slice of pizza from cossetta instead. Cossetta is an Italian joint that has been around since st Paul was built…or that’s what it feels like when your inside listening to nothing but 30’s 40’s and 50’s music and eating a slice of pizza that tastes timeless.
Were all in good spirits cracking jokes and talking like mob bosses when we near the end of our meal. I remembered someone earlier in the week telling me to check out the antique shop across the street from cossetta. She promised me I wouldn’t be disappointed. I ask the group if they were down and everyone agrees to go and browse through old junk and memorabilia with me.
While walking over there I over hear a drunk guy spilling his complaints out to friend out side the bar on the corner. It went something like this “hey man…you know…that bitch of a wife couldn’t find her way out of a plastic wet bag…or wet plastic bag!”…I shit you not it was truly stupidity at it’s finest; I couldn’t make that shit up myself.

So we’re in the antique store now and thirty minutes have passed. I reconnect with my friend kadi upstairs who is holding some great looking black and white photos she had scrounged up from a basket of junk. They’re all anywhere from 1910 to 1925 and of her whole lot she had one photo in particular that struck the both of us. It was a photo out looking a lake. There were two rowboats on each side of the picture almost symmetrical and there was a tree-covered coastline on the left. The first thing I said when I saw it was “yo, would you let me scan that picture? I wanna use that in my album art” and she agreed to spread the nostalgic wealth with me.
A couple minutes later and were are out the doors with our goods, me with two civil war first aid pins, kadi with her pictures, food head with his American pride and Jason with his bear skin rug circa 1945, which looked hilarious considering he has an enormous twisted mustache and full bear in his arms walking around downtown st. Paul while grinning ear to ear. I love my friends.

We roll back into Minneapolis still laughing about this obnoxious bearskin rug the Jason bought for a price that I wouldn’t pay for all the records in the world and decide to get caffeinated and further our day of whimsy.
We get back to the coffee shop and begin slipping back into our routine of finding funny pictures on and feeding each other encouragement when kadi said (while looking at the photo I mentioned earlier) “this photo says, lake Mary Alexandria mn. 1915” I immediately freak out and grab the picture and said “That’s the lake I was going to take everyone to…my grandfathers lake and the fishing spot where my grand father used to take me to”. The picture in the photo was taken off the same dock I cast my first line off. It was serendipitous to say the least. I still got some goose bumps and a few extra springs in my steps. The lake would have been nice to visit, but this trumped it over and over. I’m glad those kind of things happen and glad those kinds of things don’t happen all the time; I wouldn’t wanna waste that kind of overwhelming feeling. It may seem small to you, but it packs pretty heavy punch to me. My yesterdays.
-Cecil “drifting on a dollar” otter

Jun 21

Nine More Police Killed in Amazon Protests in Peru

Another story to shatter the illusion that free trade policies provide amazing benefits and economic equality for everybody.

On a side note, it makes you wonder how any government could so openly exploit and damage the homeland of thousands and thousands of people without their consent – and somehow be surprised when those people fight back and a public outrage ensues.  I mean, really?  Did they not see that coming?

Nine More Police Killed in Amazon Protests in Peru

Saturday 06 June 2009
by: Carla Salazar, Tamy Higa and Frank Bajak
Visit article original @ The Associated Press

Thousands of native people blocked the highway in the Amazon jungle in northern Peru. (Photo: Reuters)

LIMA, PERU – President Alan Garcia labored Saturday to contain Peru’s worst political violence in years, as nine more police officers were killed in a bloody standoff with Amazon Indians fighting his efforts to exploit oil and gas on their native lands.

The new deaths brought to 22 the number of police killed – seven with spears – since security forces moved early Friday to break up a roadblock manned by 5,000 protesters.

Protest leaders said at least 30 Indians, including three children, died in the clashes. Authorities said they could confirm only nine civilian deaths, but cabinet chief Yehude Simon told reporters that 155 people had been injured, about a third of them with bullet wounds.

He announced a 3 p.m.-6 a.m. curfew in the affected region and said authorities had made 72 arrests.

“The government was required to take these measures, not only for the president of the republic but for all 28 million Peruvians,” Simon said of breaking up the protests, which blocked the flow of oil and gas out of the Amazon and prevented food and supplies from coming in. “We’ve all been affected one way or another by the protest … when they take over highways and strategic points that can affect the national economy.”

The political violence is the Andean country’s worst since the Shining Path insurgency was quelled more than a decade ago, and it bodes ill for Garcia’s ambitious plans to boost Peru’s oil and gas output.

It began early Friday when security forces moved to break up a roadblock protesters mounted in early April. About 1,000 protesters seized police during the melee, taking more than three dozen hostage, officials said.

Twenty-two officers were rescued in Saturday’s storming of Station No. 6 at state-owned Petroperu in Imacita, in the jungle state of Amazonas, Defense Minister Antero Florez told the Radioprogramas radio network. He said seven officers were missing.

Simon said the nine killed were taken more than a mile from the station and slain while an army general was negotiating protesters’ retreat from the facility.

Among at least 45 casualties being treated at the main hospital in the Amazonas town of Bagua was local Indian leader Santiago Manuin, who received eight bullet wounds on Friday, said a nurse who identified herself only as “Sandra” for security reasons. She said no doctors could come to the phone because they were attending to the wounded.

Also Saturday, a judge ordered the arrest of protest group leader Alberto Pizango on sedition charges for allegedly inciting the violence, said the president of Peru’s supreme court, Javier Villa Stein.

Neither Pizango nor other senior members of his organization, the Peruvian Jungle Interethnic Development Association, could immediately be reached by telephone.

Interior Minister Mercedes Cabanillos said Pizango had fled, likely to neighboring Bolivia where the government is dominated by the country’s indigenous majority.

On Friday, Pizango accused the government of “genocide” for attacking what he called a peaceful protest. Indians have been blocking roads, waterways and a state oil pipeline intermittently since April 9, demanding that Peru’s government repeal laws they say help foreign companies exploit their lands.

The laws, decreed by Garcia as he implemented a Peru-U.S. free trade pact, open communal jungle lands and water resources to oil drilling, logging, mining and large-scale farming, Indian leaders and environmental groups say.

In addition to violating Peru’s constitution, indigenous groups add, Garcia is breaking international law by failing to obtain their consent for the projects.

Garcia defends the laws as necessary to help develop Peru.

The government owns all subsoil rights across the country and Garcia has vigorously sought to exploit its mineral resources.

Contract blocks for oil and gas exploration cover approximately 72 percent of Peru’s rain forest, according to a study published last year by Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

And though Peru’s growth rate has led Latin America in recent years, Garcia’s critics say little wealth has trickled down in a country where roughly half the population is indigenous and the poverty rate tops 40 percent.

Indians say Garcia’s government does not consult them in good faith before signing contracts that could affect at least 30,000 Amazon Indians across six provinces.

Last month, Roman Catholic bishops in the region issued a statement calling the complaints legitimate.

Protests prompted Garcia to declare a state of emergency on May 9, suspending some constitutional rights in four jungle provinces including Amazonas.

Because of the protests, Petroperu stopped pumping oil through its northern Peru pipeline from the jungle on April 26. Company spokesman Fernando Daffos said Friday that the interruption had cost it $448,000.

Also affected is the Argentine company Pluspetrol, which halted oil production in two jungle blocks in the Loreto region of northeastern Peru.


Associated Press Writers Tamy Higa in Lima and Frank Bajak in Bogota contributed to this report.

Jun 09

Hesitation Wounds drops June 30! FREE download w/ Del!

The countdown begins! Not much longer until the long-awaited SFR debut from Sleep arrives in stores, but you can click here to lock down your copy with some exclusive Strange Famous bonus items today.

All pre-orders purchased through will include an 11×17 Hesitation Wounds poster SIGNED BY SLEEP and a Strange Famous Records sticker!

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“This is an infinite love in its purest form. It’s not the norm but it’s all I know so here it goes.
This speaking from the heart tore my life apart to bleed for ya, I just thought you should know.” – Sleep of Oldominion from “Talk About It”

After a decade of trail-blazing across America and cementing his reputation as one of underground hip hop’s true buried treasures, SLEEP of Oldominion & Strange Famous Records are proud to announce the release of his third album HESITATION WOUNDS.  Due out June 30, the album combines the witty and shocking decrees from the mind of vocalist Sleep with a high-speed barrage of sonic thunder from a selection of indie hip hop’s finest beatsmiths. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 09

Musical Expression and Healing

I remember in my college english 101 class our teacher warned us not to share anything too traumatic when we wrote about ourselves. I can see his point. When you meet someone new the first thing you wanna say probably shouldn’t be “Hi, I used to be a heroine addict,” especially if your trying to get a job. On the other hand, as many psychiatrists know, music and art can be powerful tools for healing. I respect emcees who can take dark subject matter from their lives and express it in a way that helps others deal with difficult psychological issues. I hear people often say my songs all sound upbeat and fun so the other day I decided to break new ground with my self and share something I went through that was very tragic and difficult to deal with. So I recorded this new song and while I was writing it I went through anger, guilt, shame, and just about every other human emotion. I posted it up on my myspace page today. The song is called ‘Lil Wayne Tried to Rape Me.’ Now is the time to let the world know what I’ve been through and let the healing begin.

Jun 08


…Half the day is missing and I don’t miss it one bit. I’m under the pressure of a hundred or more faces waiting for me two holler my sorrows at them in great length. It’s mostly paranoia mixed with a tooth ache that could make a sasquatch cry, but They don’t notice the pain I’m in or the fear I’ve forced into my psyche all morning…and that works for me. The stage is covered in stomped on marsh mellows and the remains of a few hundred balloons that the half assed magic act before me left behind to keep me company while I pace the around and bitch in a four-four time signature. The sound is sub-par which in my book is a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t played a show before you might not understand, but I’m sure you’ve been to a million shows and have heard the guy or girl on stage asking the sound guy for more of something in the monitors. The monitors are you best friend on stage, they allow you to hear the music and your voice and there is a fine line between to much of the music and to much of yourself…this sound guy had his shit together…enough. I’m running through the set with out a hitch and the rain (outdoor show) that has been the life of the party all morning and afternoon didn’t take it’s frustrations out me…just a light mist that was probably good for me anyways since I haven’t showered in three days. I smell like a tall biker with over active sweat glands…standing next to me was like French inhaling a Cuban cigar. So I’m nearing my last song of the night and the crowd was smiling big smiles. I love to make people happy…it can take a lot out of you, but it always gives back an even reward in the end and the end was near. A round of applause and a round up of the days previous acts are giving their respect, shake a few hands, thank a few bands and I’m ready to go. I’ve been looking forward to the bbq that my great friends FOOD HEAD a.k.a. Andrew Troldahl and J.P. the master chef we’re whooping up all day…I dismissed a dillenger 4 show just to taste the finished product. I get there just in time to taste the last of FOODS famous halibut dish…he didn’t miss a beat…it was out-fucking-standing! When FOOD cooks…no remains. The night is moving quickly and the liquor soaked cup cakes are barking up the right tree. There are about 12 of us (friends) dancing around a bon fire like a bunch savages, taking photos and sweeping sips off a bottle of something that burns when it touches your lips…and then again in your tummy. We did a photo shoot in front of the fire with our pants round are ankles and our wits are in no way about us. Paper tiger was snapping away at his digital camera and struck photo gold when he took a flick of me and some friends in front of the fire and some flame ball showed up in my hand like someone had photo shopped it in there…I looked like a fucking sorcerer! It’s the little things. Something is telling me that it’s time to leave before shit gets unmentionable. I call for my cab and make the round of goodbyes that are usually caked with sarcasm. I finally make it home to my room that consists of a twin mattress, a 10-inch TV. And a jar of warm pickles…luxury class baby. I put in a DVD (la vi en rose) and slowly shut my head off. Half way through the film and I’m out. I wake up the next morning with a few minutes to spare before I had to start my shift at Muddy’s (coffee shop). I get a text on my phone from a friend that said, “Do you remember what happened last night?” I replied, “I was only there for an hour, but you guy’s were on one for sure”…I get no reply back. I get to the coffee shop and my friend and owner of the fine establishment started asking if I was o.k. I said, “Yeah, I feel like a million bucks…minus a few bad investments”. She begins to get very concerned about the state of my friends foot and the state of two my best friends relationship with one another. Turns out some shit did go down after I left. One is unmentionable and the other is outstanding. My friend nick that was three enormous sheets to the wind thought it would be funny to slam a full on ten-pound sledgehammer directly on to my even drunk friend Posso’s foot…he didn’t break his foot, but he did crack a few people up. Looking back on it, it’s seems kind of stupid, and it is, don’t get me wrong…I guess the only way I could explain the type of mayhem I and most my friends get into is “a mutual lack of shame mixed with booze and a small town out look on what “fun” is equals the kind of stupidity that we fall for just about every time”
So my day of work has ended and I didn’t feel like writing for my new album just yet. I decide to write my first blog ever…I call it my yesterday’s.

-Cecil otter

Jun 08

Movie Time with Benjamin III: The Reckoning

Oh. Snap.  It’s that time again, kids!  Grease up your Netflix queue, Benjamin’s about to take his shirt off.

1. Twin Peaks: Season 1

Too obvious a suggestion?  Ehhh I dunno.  But I like to make sure we’ve got the basics covered.  If you haven’t seen the Twin Peaks series, you haven’t seen one of the top 5 series ever to be on television.  Is this series better than The Twilight Zone, for me?  Holy shit… it might be.  I never considered that until just now.

Watch these late at night.  When you’re alone.  In an unfamiliar place.  David Lynch understands how nightmares work.

2. Echoes from a Somber Empire

This month’s gem from the Herzog vault…  A documentary about the former Emperor of the Central African Empire, Jean-Bédel Bokassa. Toward the end of his life, Bokassa proclaimed himself the 13th Apostle and claimed to have secret meetings with the Pope. He also murdered and tortured hundreds of political rivals and… ate them!  That’s right.  He was a cannibal emperor.

The film follows journalist Michael Goldsmith, as he revisits the ruins of the empire where he was imprisoned and tortured.

This one is mostly missing Herzog’s awesome narration, but does feature one of the most brutal, soul-crushing scenes in the history of film. I stared blankly into space for about 20 minutes after watching that fucking monkey smoke.

3. Dog Day Afternoon

Second only to the Godfather movies, in terms of Pacino.  I’ve got a soft spot for this movie.  Maybe because it’s the kind of thing I dream about happening to me all the time.  Maybe because I’m one sex-change operation away from screaming “ATTICA!” outside the nearest Citibank branch… but ain’t we all?  Watch this movie on a hot summer day when you’re tired of thinking about the bailout.

4. Rock the Bells

Aw helll no.  I knew it!  I knew this blog shit was just a thinly veiled way for SFR to push their fucking merchandise.  Movie time with Benjamin fell the fuck off.  Laying down.  Selling out.  Sucking up to the man!

Well, I’ve got some advice for you, little buddy.  Sure, you can buy this DVD directly from Strange Famous Records by clicking on this sentence, but that’s beside the point.

This happens to be a damn good movie.  Even if you didn’t give a shit about hip hop, this documentary would still hold water.  White knuckle tension. Ambition. Drama. Physical danger. Broccoli.  A landmark moment in the history of rap.  For reals, see this movie.

And nevermind the fact that Sage Francis and I will be appearing on select Rock the Bells Tour dates this summer.  Check our myspace and facebook pages for info.  That’s got nothing to do with this.

Alright… one more.  I haven’t dropped this installment’s H-Bomb yet, and I know you’ve been waiting for it.  So here it is, baby.  Just remember that you asked for it.

5. 2LDK

“Imagine, if you will, two Japanese directors who meet at a film festival, each familiar with (and appreciative of) each other’s work. Then imagine a night of binge drinking that leads to the gauntlet being thrown down – a little friendly competition to see who can make the best “Duel to the Death” film. Then throw in a few rules like 1) The script can contain no more than 2-3 characters 2) The film must be shot in seven days and on a small budget 3) the film can only take place in one setting, and most importantly 4) at least one character must die. Thus, the Duel Project was born.” -eFilmCritic

In my opinion, Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s 2LDK is the big winner.  I don’t even want to tell you too much about this one.  I just want you to hunt it down, buckle up, and enjoy the fuckin ride.

P.S.  If you want to judge for yourself who won the duel, the other entry is Ryuhei Kitamura’s “Aragami.”

Well, there it is folks.

I saw The Hangover last night and dug it, but I’m saving my heart for Bruno this summer.

Happy viewing,


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Jun 07

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