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No one listens to me. It’s like I’m not even a cute voodoo doll or nuffin.

May 30

The first person at Soundset to tell Sage Francis he has meth mouth will get a free shirt. And/or a blank stare until you explain that it’s time for you to get your free t-shirt.

May 23

ode to swine flu

swine flu. when pigs fly. swine flew.  then kids die. why, swine?  why all this pig vomit puke snot? If you can’t stop, won’t stop, I’m a lick a flu shot.

May 21

oh my god

Fang banga! Always banging those fangs. Protect your neck from those nasty nasty thangs.

May 17

ace of bass

Ace of Bass had ill drums, son

May 15


May 12

mother’s day

Mother’s Day is coming up! Wouldn’t she just LOVE a Strange Famous gift certificate? You know it’s true. Seriously though, we have gift certificates. Get one for your mom.

May 06

oh snap!

Brave New Voices? More like…Lame Noob Annoying Kids

May 03

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