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Ahmadinejad? More like…Ah, ma dick is hodd. PWNT!!!

Jun 19


Did you know that Miss Elizabeth from the WWF died in 2003? Overdosed in Lex Luger’s house at the age of 42. That shit is blowing my mind right now. RIP Miss Elizabeth.

Jun 18

arts and crafts

A good craftsman never blames his tools.

Jun 17

Bike for Three

The BIKE FOR THREE CDs and Vinyl are back in stock.  New genre: Electro Love-Rap.

Jun 15

Did you see me in Hangover? I tazed Zach Galifuckbuttkiss in the face. Benjamin FTW.

Jun 13

The Returners have gone live!

The Returners “Break Up Your Make Up” is now available on all digital sites! 2Mex, Stacey Dee, Die Del Amor, and the almighty Deeskee.

Jun 10

Opium money bad. Indie money good.

Opium money helps pay for terrorism. Money you spend here helps pay for indie-ism. Your choice, pal.

Jun 08

ack like yew no

David Bowie…ain’t my homie.

Jun 02

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