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Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman…those pigtails should be illegal!

Mar 13

Ohhhhhhh SNAP

Oh snap.  Jon Stewart layed the smack down on Jim Cramer. Jon is your friend until you negatively affect his 401K.

Mar 12

deep thoughts

I go to bed with images of pistols to my head. The bullets are enscripted with initials B.E.N.

Mar 11

The B. Dolan and Jared Paul tour starts today!

The B. Dolan and Jared Paul tour starts today!

Mar 10

yo dawg

Yo dawg. I heard you liked played out jokes so I put a joke in your play while you were out so you could joke about played out jokes while you play.

Mar 08

America…fuck yeah

“Shhhh…you had me at ‘dicks fuck assholes'”

Mar 07

Oh Shit

Pharcyde’s first album “Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde” never broke gold status. What kind of shit is that?

Mar 04

sarcasm is weak

We don’t do “mock rap” here.

Mar 03

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