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“Sage Francis is the future of hip-hop.” -LA Citybeat

“one of the best writers in hip-hop today”

“Sage Francis punches political buttons with a dissenting fury unmatched in hip-hop since Chuck D.”-Kotori Magazine

“Sage progressively pays homage to the past while simulateneously mapping a legacy of his own and dropping some of the year’s most clever metaphors” -Pitchforkmedia

“Aside from his content, his linguistic playfulness can’t be ignored or overshadowed. Sage puts unsuspecting words and ideas together with a delivery that makes them sound as though they were made for each other.”
-Portland Phoenix

“Sage is a true blue enigma. He’s smart, creative, motivated and, most importantly, unique. Rarely does a character like Sage emerge into pop culture. Watch out. This guy will make waves…”

Someone like him is necessary in the hip-hop world. He is free from a lot of the vices that tie many of his colleagues down, with his clear eye always trained on American life, hip-hop and himself.”


Album Reviews

Sick of Waiting Tables

9 out of 10 rating on

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Personal Journals

8.7 rating on Pitchfork Media
"Clearly, nothing embarrasses this guy."

"Bluntly put, the album is a masterpiece"-Dusted Magazine

"Personal Journals, is regarded as a benchmark in the growing indie rap field and effectively relates Sage's misgivings about himself and the world around him over non-traditional beats."

There is something that makes this record sound simple and perfect at the same time. Personal Journals might be the best rap-record in my book for 2002.

"In the end, the album's journey has been circular, but we have learned why it must be. Ferociously demanding much of his listeners, Sage Francis rewards us with the revelations of despair, and they are impossible to ignore. Above all else, Personal Journals is foreground music, rightfully asserting its own necessity." -Brown Daily Herald

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Show Reviews

"Sage Francis, the man of the hour, one of the guiding lights of post-millennial rapdom, a poet, a genius, ah hell, you get the point. Looking rather like a cross between John Belushi and Michael Douglas from Falling Down, Francis was decked out in a disheveled suit, horn rimmed glasses perched precariously on his emotive face. When Francis launched into a song that held the refrain "I'm going home," the audience erupted, just about everyone in attendance singing along to his impassioned delivery."
More - IGN

"Offering my judgment and reason a chance to rest before Thursday's direct support set was Sage Francis, a lone conscious hip hop MC. It takes a lot of charisma and energy for one man to fill a stage the size of that Rise Against would soon pulverize, and so credit is indeed due to the lyricist. He was funny, entertaining, and an extremely talented MC. I was unfamiliar with every song he performed, and yet still had my arms waving and feet tapping to his beats while he spewed lyrics on topics from the late Johnny Cash and social injustice to not being able to get it up. This guy is a hell of an entertainer, and added a nice new dimension to this show that really foiled well with the other two acts."-Pure Grain Audio

"Star of the proceedings is Sage Francis, a truly bizarre, ghetto ridiculous figure and one of the finest white rappers to have emerged since Eminem. He lumbers on stage, this heavy-built, balding, straight-edge, journalism graduate from Providence, Rhode Island, dressed in a shapeless hoodie top that reaches to his ankles and an executioner's mask and proceeds to rip the mic to shreds....He's fast, ferociously funny and undoubtedly the (immediate) future of underground hip hop." ...More at Yahoo Music

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