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SFR’s “True School Session” Podcast

From 1997-1999 Sage Francis had a college radio show on 90.3 WRIU called “The True School Session.” We’ve been digging through old tape recordings of this radio show and compiling podcast streams for your listening pleasure.

This is basically a time capsule of the kind of music and discussions that were taking place in the underground hip-hop scene during the late 90’s. Most of the talking has been edited out (thank the Lawd) and we’ve squeezed in as much material as possible. Despite the iffy sound quality, skipping records, and censored songs, there’s a lot of exclusive material littered among the classic, old school hip-hop and pre-Y2K underground.

You now have hours of anti-commercial music to listen to while you do whatever you do. So keep the browser open and enjoy.

Free Download

All “True School Session” podcasts are now available for download!

To download a podcast, click on it in the playlist below and then click on the icon in the control bar. Note: if the files don’t open for download, you may need to temporarily enable popups for

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