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SADISTIK’s “Flowers For My Father” CD + SIGNED Poster Shipping Now!

SADISTIK’s “Flowers For My Father” CD + SIGNED Poster Shipping Now!

Now available at SFRstore: “Flowers For My Father”, the Fake Four Inc. debut of Seattle, WA emcee Sadistik! The album features performances and production from Cage, Ceschi, Blue Sky Black Death, Kno of Cunninlynguists, and many more!

The first 30 orders purchased from SFRstore will receive a free SIGNED 11×17 Sadistik poster!

Click here for more details and to order your copy!

From his earliest recordings, Sadistik has used the vocal booth to create emotive etchings of
thoughts that pound so furiously on his frontal lobe that they can’t help but make their way out
of his mouth. His 2008 debut The Balancing Act, produced by Emancipator, showcased a
hopeless romantic setting fires in a cold world through tracks such as “Ashes to Ashley” (featuring
Mac Lethal) and “Searching For Some Beautiful”. Two collaborative efforts would follow in the
form of The Art Of Dying, produced by Kid Called Computer, and 2011’s explosive Prey For
Paralysis record alongside Kristoff Krane and Graham O’Brien.

Click here to check out “The Balancing Act,” “Prey For Paralysis”, and more projects featuring Sadistik available from SFRstore!

The elusive beautiful that Sadistik sought on his debut album “The Balancing Act” is captured
sonically on Flowers For My Father and garnished with an array of styles he has experimented
with over the past few years. Here we have an emcee unafraid to expose the brooding that robs
him of sleep through songs diagramming self-destructive tendencies and the sad sweetness of
lovers lost. Such intrepid introspection has seldom been seen since Sage Francis, an artist with
whom Sadistik has collaborated, released Personal Journals over a decade ago. A child of the
backpack heyday, Sadistik learned from the best the scene had to offer, from the aforementioned
Sage and Mac Lethal to the late, great Eyedea. You can hear Eyedea’s indelible influence on
urgent confessionals such as “Melancholia” and the Cage-assisted “Russian Roulette”. That
which Eyedea left behind in this world resonates deeply within Sadistik, as he keeps his friend’s
message of hope and love in the face of adversity alive, and pays touching tribute on “Micheal”.

Flowers For My Father, which features guest shots from Astronautalis, Ceschi and Child Actor,
marks Sadistik’s first solo long player since The Balancing Act and charts his growth in spades.
The spoken word close of intro track “Petrichor” foreshadows the open book to come: “I want
nothing more than to tear every piece of my flesh off one by one to show you what’s been hiding

Evolving his style to a more synthesized rendition of a signature cinematic Seattle sound, the
new album displays a distinct juxtaposition of Sadistik’s complex, vulnerable writing with textured,
ambient production handled by the likes of Blue Sky Black Death and Kno of CunninLynguists.
The result is his most mature and revealing project to date, with lush soundscapes lifting
Sadistik’s verses from a vast darkness.

Shortly after the release of The Balancing Act, Sadistik’s father tragically passed. Never one
to shy away from heavy topics or keep his personal life personal, Sadistik wrote Flowers for his
late father, choosing to treat each song as an update of what has happened in his life since. This
is reflected in writing that delves into depression, heartbreak, optimism and the struggle to make
sense of the ever-shifting pieces in the world around him.


1. Petrichor [produced by Kid Called Computer]

2. Russian Roulette (feat. Cage & Yes Alexander) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]

3. City In Amber (Feat. Lotte Kestner) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]

4. Snow White [produced by Raised by Wolves]

5. The Beast [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]

6. Kill The King (Feat. Deacon the Villain) [produced by Kno]

7. Song For The End Of The World [produced by Raised by Wolves & Eric G.]

8. Palmreader (Feat. Child Actor) [produced by Eric G.]

9. Micheal [produced by Eric G.]

10. Seven Devils [produced by Andreikelos]

11. Exit Theme (Feat. Astronautalis & Lotte Kestner) [produced by Eric G.]

12. Melancholia [produced by Eric G.]

13. A Long Winter (feat. Ceschi) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]


Feb 12

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