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NEW! Handcrafted, Limited Edition PERSONAL JOURNALS Signed Notebooks!

NEW! Handcrafted, Limited Edition PERSONAL JOURNALS Signed Notebooks!

Inkymole (the talent behind the spectacular handstyles gracing Sage’s “Human The Death Dance” LP) celebrates the anniversary of a period of immense change and creativity inspired by Sage Francis, with this brand new ‘Personal Journal’!

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Check out the video below for a look at all of the unique features of these limited-edition journals!

The release of these limited edition, hand-sewn notebooks marks the conclusion of Strange Famous Records’ year-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of Sage’s ‘Personal Journals’ LP, as well as the anniversary of Inkymole’s 2006 art show ‘If A Girl Writes off the World’ (which included two US incarnations in Manhattan and Rhode Island).

Journals will be SIGNED by Sage Francis!

These handcrafted, double-sided journals include one side for writing (Thoughts) and one for sketching (Ideas). Measuring 102mm x 146mm – fitting most pockets – each side is 7mm thick and interspersed with removable, perforated mailable postcards showing unseen artwork from the original show, 8 postcards in total. The covers are hand-embossed in gold or silver foil with a close-up section of Mole’s ‘Runaways’ illustration, and come in a range of colours, from silver to pearl white to iridescent pink.

Jan 11

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