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NEW Prolyphic & Buddy Peace 7″ VINYL!

NEW Prolyphic & Buddy Peace 7″ VINYL!

From Prolyphic & Buddy Peace‘s stellar 2013 album “Working Man” comes a LIMITED EDITION, SFRstore-exclusive set of 7-inch Vinyl records, featuring the singles “Business As Usual” and “Death of the Boombox” (with Sage Francis & Metermaids)!

Available in three colors of Vinyl (Translucent Gold, Mixed Marble Slate Grey, and Black) with three variant, hand-screenprinted covers (Metallic Gold, Red, and Black) on recycled chipboard jackets.

This is a hand-numbered run of 300 (100 per color), for purchase individually or as part of a SIGNED, FOUR-VINYL SET!

Select packages will include a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD of Buddy Peace‘s complete “Working Man” INSTRUMENTALS ALBUM and a Prolyphic & Buddy Peace 2-sticker set created especially for this release!



Prolyphic speaks on the theme of “Business As Usual”:

“From pedestal to chopping block, more and more overnight music celebrities are being manufactured on an assembly line. They are pumped out to audiences at a greater volume than ever to catch fleeting fame and buzz in an endless cycle that promotes quantity over quality. Throw an artist out, and reel in the catch. If that artist doesn’t work, then try another, then another, and they keep the pop factory conveyer belts running like it’s “Business As Usual.”

“Death of the Boombox
is an upbeat, throwback posse-cut featuring verses from SAGE FRANCIS and METERMAIDS.

While a majority of the Working Man LP addresses the bleaker issues of working class society, Death of the Boombox provides a playful detour, acting as an old-school throw down over the kind of boombap production that intends on blowing out cheap subwoofers. This isn’t a rehashing of the played out “hip-hop is dead” argument, nor is it a eulogy for the revered portable stereos of the past. It is an energetic return to a lost moment in time when sharing music with friends didn’t involve an internet connection. Songs were simply blasted throughout the neighborhood from two speakers perched on top of a b-boy’s shoulder. “Dig…put your back into it.”

Both of these songs are from Prolyphic & Buddy Peace’s “Working Man” album, available on CD & MP3 Download here.


* The “Business As Usual” b/w “Death of the Boombox” 7″ Vinyl is an SFRstore exclusive item, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies
* DIY-style packaging featuring hand-screenprinted artwork on recycled chipboard sleeves, making no 2 sleeves exactly alike!
* Only 100 of each color Vinyl (Black, Translucent Gold, Mixed Marble Slate Grey) and 100 of each color jacket (Black, Metallic Gold, Red) were created.

Feb 20

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