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New FACE CANDY CD + Limited Edition Picture Disc!

New FACE CANDY CD + Limited Edition Picture Disc!

Available now from SFRstore: the new FACE CANDY album on CD and on gorgeously manufactured, very limited picture disc vinyl! Very few picture discs left in stock!

Both this limited run of 1000 picture disc vinyl and the CD version include a BONUS DVD with over an hour of video footage documenting the creative and entertaining process of FACE CANDY, plus a digital download of the album.

Waste Age Teenland follows Face Candy (Eyedea, Kristoff Krane, Jt Bates, Casey O’Brien) on a three day recording excursion that took place in March of 2009. With two studio dates and one day live at the Black Dog Café, “Waste-Age” explores Face Candy’s twisted humor and punky catharsis in their signature “ Free-Jazz Rap” all improvised setting.

Picked from 26 hours of source material, “Waste-Age” is a 40 minute ride through the wacky brains of its creators, edited to take the listener on a trip to where free-jazz meets freestyle rap. Enjoy!

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1. ONE – 1:38
2. TWO – 3:48
3. THREE – 2:44
4. FOUR – 1:01
5. FIVE – 1:58
6. SIX – 4:03
7. SEVEN – 1:25
8. EIGHT – 4:41
9. NINE – 2:15
10. TEN – 2:36
11. ELEVEN – 2:55
12. TWELVE – 1:49
13. THIRTEEN – 3:28
14. FOURTEEN – 3:47
15. FIFTEEN – 3:24

Sage Francis & Slug of Atmosphere share their testimonials on the new FACE CANDY album:

Take a tour of the album artwork!

Sep 24

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