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NEW Buck 65 “20 Odd Years” Vinyl LP Available at SFRstore!

NEW Buck 65 “20 Odd Years” Vinyl LP Available at SFRstore!

“20 Odd Years” is the latest album from SFR fam Buck 65!

This is an IMPORT ONLY album, released on Warner Canada, very difficult to find inside the US! SFRstore was able to get ahold of a very limited number of the Vinyl LP, so get yours now at a lower cost than it would be to mailorder from outside the country!

We are currently working to get the CD version of the album so we can make it available to our customers. Please stay tuned and watch this space for updates!

Buck’s SFR album Situation is also available on wax for only $9.99 here!

It’s been 20 years since Buck 65 (aka Richard Terfry) first entered the music industry, and in that time, he has become one of Canada’s most popular rappers. To celebrate his two decades in the business, the much-loved MC has released a new album, 20 Odd Years.

The 13-song set is heavy on guests, with some of the most notable contributors including Tragically Hip icon Gord Downie, Islands/Unicorns singer Nick Thorburn, Hannah Georgas, Jenn Grant, and Olivia Ruiz.

In a press release, Buck 65 said, “Recently, I came to realize that I’ve been getting weird on tape for 20 years. I decided to celebrate and invited a bunch of my fellow sub-normals to the party. We ate paste and pretended we knew what each other was talking about. It was uncomfortable a lot of the time, but lots of exciting music was frankensteined.”

As for what fans can expect from the album, it promises to offer Buck 65’s usual experimental blend of hip-hop, blues and folk. The Downie collaboration (“Whispers of the Waves”) is “a waltz for people to dance to alone,” while the track recorded with French pop singer Ruiz is “a song about vampires called ‘Tears of Your Heart.’ Neither of us has any memory of making it.” – Exclaim Magazine

01 Superstars Don’t Love
02 Gee Whiz
03 Whispers of the Waves
04 Paper Airplanes
05 Stop
06 Zombie Delight
07 Tears of Your Heart
08 Cold Steel Drum
09 Who by Fire
10 She Said Yes
11 BCC
12 Lights Out
13 Final Approach

Click here to order your vinyl copy of “20 Odd Years”!

May 03

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