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Exclusive JUAN DEUCE & FALSIDE 2CD+Extras Pack Available Now!

Exclusive JUAN DEUCE & FALSIDE 2CD+Extras Pack Available Now!

Rhode Island rapper / producer phenoms Juan Deuce & Falside are at it again: fresh off of the underground-wide buzz generated by their early 2012 release The Mechanics EP, the duo have returned with No Sweat (Deuce) and East Toast (Fal), a pair of solo mixtape-style releases to help sustain your sound systems through the long, hot summer!

These are SFRstore EXCLUSIVE CDs, signed personally by Deuce & Fal, that include bonus tracks not found on the digital versions of the albums! These CDs drop August 7, and are not available anywhere else!

Each package will include:
(1) Juan Deuce SIGNED “No Sweat” CD (includes exclusive bonus track)
(1) Falside SIGNED “East Toast” CD (includes exclusive bonus track)
(1) Juan Deuce “No Sweat” SWEATBAND (pictured on Juan Deuce on the left of the product page)
(1) Juan Deuce sticker
(1) Falside sticker
(1) Juan Deuce 1″ Button
(1) Falside 1″ Button
(1) SFR sticker
+ A link to download 320kbps MP3 versions of both releases will be emailed to you within 24 hours when you place your pre-order!

Click here to order yours!

Tracklistings & album information:

Juan Deuce – “No Sweat”
The “No Sweat” mixtape is the fresh, dry-as-a-cool-breeze sound of Juan Deuce working out a severe case of Senioritis: one last blast of wild madness before graduating to his first official full-length LP collaboration with fellow Providence-based whiz kid, Falside. But before he gets down to business on the work of crafting his rap masterpiece, he’s throwing one hell of a party, and has invited a few talented friends along. “No Sweat” features production from (among others) Falside, FaktsOne, J57, and Fonzi Wells, with appearances from fellow RI stalwarts Romen Rok, Jon Hope, and Jaysonic of Time Machine and front-to-back cuts by DJ Emoh Betta.

01 The Draft (produced by Falside)
02 Right On Red (produced by J57)
03 People feat. Romen Rok (produced by Falside)
04 Falling Down (produced by Fonzi Wells)
05 .38 Special (produced by Fonzi Wells)
06 Larry Sellers (produced by Fonzi Wells)
07 Left You (produced by The Audible Doctor)
08 Shred (produced by Fonzi Wells)
09 Freeze (produced by Fonzi Wells)
10 Menahan feat. Jaysonic (produced by Falside)
11 Yuro (produced by The Dopplegangaz)
12 Show Me Love feat. Jon Hope (produced by ACB)
13 Back Stroke (produced by Fakts One)
14 Cutlass (produced by J57)
15 Jimmy Buffet (produced by ACB)
16 Reverie (produced by pJAYd)
17 Valet (produced by Falside + pJAYd)
18 Clay On Words (produced by Falside)
19 Freeze (Remix) (produced by Falside) (CD EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK)

Falside – “East Toast”
Last summer, Providence, RI-based beatsmith Falside blessed us with “Snare Conditioning”, a beat tape so full of good vibes it had people young and old running barefoot through the streets, cracking fire hydrants and shedding clothes. A year later, with several other acclaimed projects securely under his belt, Falside marks his return with “East Toast”, an instrumental album that serves as another high-definition display of the young producer’s ever-growing versatility.

On “East Toast”, Falside’s production runs the spectrum: he shows off how purposefully he can handle samples, how intricately he develops original compositions, and how nimbly he can change gears from some complex, deep shit to the feel-good shit he does so well. Falside also brought the two very talented, luminary emcees Has-Lo and Ceschi along for the ride.

01 Home Bass
02 White Noise
03 Considerable Influence feat. Has-Lo
04 Boogers
05 Billy Idol
06 No Shit
07 Windows
08 Cubanimal
09 Last Chance feat. Ceschi
10 Fin
11 Nicotine Caffeine (CD EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK)

Clic here to order your exclusive 2CD+Extras pre-order package!

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