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B. DOLAN “House of Bees Vol. 2” pre-sale + free single download!

B. DOLAN “House of Bees Vol. 2” pre-sale + free single download!

Fresh off the startling and undeniable impact of its lead single “FILM THE POLICE,” B. DOLAN makes an unexpected return to drop off the “HOUSE OF BEES VOL. II” LP. Adding to what’s already been an incredible summer for indie rap, Dolan and UK mixmaster BUDDY PEACE present 60 minutes of finely crafted material to shatter all expectations conjured by the word ‘mixtape’.

HOUSE OF BEES VOL. II uses the lost art and its unconstrained format to return Dolan to his roots as an emcee, and seems to combine the raw honesty of 2008’s “The Failure” with the impeccable execution and bombastic feel of 2010’s “Fallen House, Sunken City.”

FREE DOWNLOAD! The first single: “Still Here”: B. DOLAN – “STILL HERE” from the upcoming HOUSE OF BEES VOL. 2 by Strange Famous Records

***To download your FREE MP3, click the downward arrow to the right in the player above

“KING BEE”, the swag-heavy song featured on the HOUSE OF BEES Vol. 2 video trailer, was the intended first single for the album. However, the recent passing of rap legend Adam Yauch (MCA of the Beastie Boys) stopped us all in our tracks and set a different tone among the hip-hop community. As a result, we’ve decided to put bravado aside for a minute and leak a song that’s fit to honor his passing and the moment.  “STILL HERE” is HOBV2’s album opener and acts as a mission statement of sorts. Click here to see what B. Dolan has to say about it.

Check out “2BAD”, the first video from EPIC BEARD MEN, the new superduo made up of SAGE FRANCIS & B. DOLAN!

Pre-orders from SFRstore will include:
(1) SIGNED B. Dolan “House of Bees Vol 2″ CD
(1) #FilmThePolice Sticker
(1) SFR Sticker
(1) B. Dolan 1” Button

An unsigned, CD-only Pre-Order is also available here.

Pre-order your “House of Bees Vol. 2” signed CD package here!

The album features numerous guest slots, including production from REANIMATOR and MUX MOOL of Ghostly International. Also
popping their heads in to lend bars are TOKI WRIGHT of Rhymesayers, noted Pittsburgh activist JASIRI X, and Strange Famous Records labelmates METERMAIDS.

The mix also features a new joint with Dolan’s longtime friend, collaborator and label-head SAGE FRANCIS under the duo’s newly-coined group name EPIC BEARD MEN. Check out the “2BAD” video by the group posted above!

B. Dolan is currently gearing up for a summer of big performances, most notably a slot for his “CHURCH OF LOVE & RUIN” tour at Bestival.

Pre-order your “House of Bees Vol. 2” signed CD package here!

01 Still Here
02 King Bee
03 Film The Police feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Sage Francis
04 Which Side Are You On?
05 Bad Things (Buddy Peace Remix) feat. Metermaids & Sage Francis
06 2Bad (Epic Beard Men)
07 Colony Collapse
08 100 Bars For SFR
09 Come To Jamaica (The Lost Verse)
10 Graceland
11 Fight Night
12 Tin Soldiers
13 Feel So Different
14 Leaving NY (Live) – beat by Kurtis SP, Buddy Peace, dan le sac (Bonus Track)
15 The Hunter (Mux Mool Remux) (Bonus Track)

This album will be available to purchase as an MP3 Download from SFRstore starting on the release date!


Please read carefully! ALL pre orders will be held until the ship date.
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Orders will ship on or before the release date of Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

Pre-order your “House of Bees Vol. 2” signed CD package here!

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