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GUANTE & BIG CATS! “You Better Weaponize” Exclusive SFRstore Packages!

GUANTE & BIG CATS! “You Better Weaponize” Exclusive SFRstore Packages!

SFRstore exclusive!

“You Better Weaponize” is the latest from Minneapolis, MN’s Guante & Big Cats! Order your SIGNED CD or SIGNED CD+Extras pack, or download the album on MP3, here.

The first official video from the album is “To Young Leaders”! Check it here and get your free download below:

Guante is a rapper, two-time National Poetry Slam champion, activist and educator. Big Cats is a visionary producer and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with Sage Francis, P.O.S., TTxBC and others. Together, they’ve crafted an album brimming with substantive punchlines, gallows humor and a down-to-earth political edge, all over some of the most gorgeously banging production of the year. Featuring indie-rap visionaries like Toki Wright, Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures), Kristoff Krane and more, “You Better Weaponize” is one of the tightest, smartest, most singular projects ever to emerge from the lauded Twin Cities underground hip hop scene.

Download the first single, “To Young Leaders”, FREE from the SFR Soundcloud!

“To Young Leaders” by Guante & Big Cats! by Strange Famous Records

“You Better Weaponize” drops November 6. Exclusive packages including SIGNED CDs & extras are available at SFRstore here: as well as MP3 Downloads here.

Oct 15

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