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Sage Francis Bio

"All great truths begin as blasphemies," proclaimed the fiery playwright George Bernard Shaw. It's a sentiment that can be applied exponentially to the works of rapper Sage Francis and his exhilarating new album Li(f)e. Francis has never been afraid to provoke. As a result he is a sometimes polarizing and increasingly important figure in modern music. Adored by many, reviled by a few but never ignored and always essential, Sage Francis has emerged as the reigning agent provocateur of hip hop. Read more


Sage Francis Vs. NARDWUAR!!!

If you’re not familiar with Nardwuar then prepare to lose many hours of your life being caught in his youtube trap. I’m honored to have been interviewed by this man.

BACKGROUND INFO: This interview was conducted a couple days after my dad’s passing. I was saying things in a weird way, I wasn’t making proper connections and my underwear was all saggy. What? Anyway, it was a tough time for me and I wish we had done this interview under better circumstances but I’m really glad he gave me something to smile about.¬†Nardwuar gave me a really sweet card as a show of condolence. ¬†The guy is a legend. Also, for anyone wondering about the loosey whitey underwear, I wear whatever the promoters provide me at each show. It’s a long story.

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