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Sage Francis Bio

"All great truths begin as blasphemies," proclaimed the fiery playwright George Bernard Shaw. It's a sentiment that can be applied exponentially to the works of rapper Sage Francis and his exhilarating new album Li(f)e. Francis has never been afraid to provoke. As a result he is a sometimes polarizing and increasingly important figure in modern music. Adored by many, reviled by a few but never ignored and always essential, Sage Francis has emerged as the reigning agent provocateur of hip hop. Read more


2011 Performances! *updated frequently*

All my show updates are being made onĀ THIS FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE so please “attend” and share with your friends if you are in ANY of these regions. The extra promotion is much appreciated.

There will be more shows added soon so please stay tuned to updates on my facebook page and my twitter.

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4 Responses to “2011 Performances! *updated frequently*”

  1. seattle cat says:

    Get ur ass to Seattle son

  2. David says:

    Come back to Scotland! Glasgow could do with a little Sage.

  3. Man with no name says:

    I agree with Seattle Cat! Get up here!

  4. Benito T. says:

    come to the dallas/ft.worth area pls…