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"All great truths begin as blasphemies," proclaimed the fiery playwright George Bernard Shaw. It's a sentiment that can be applied exponentially to the works of rapper Sage Francis and his exhilarating new album Li(f)e. Francis has never been afraid to provoke. As a result he is a sometimes polarizing and increasingly important figure in modern music. Adored by many, reviled by a few but never ignored and always essential, Sage Francis has emerged as the reigning agent provocateur of hip hop. Read more


My Niece is a Warrior Princess

Thanks to the kindness of Children's Hospital Boston my niece is alive today


Thank you for helping us raise money for this great cause! A lot of money was raised thanks to your generosity. When I say “you” I mean…ya know…the people who helped. Love ya.

Recently my cousin Stacy told me about a charity she’s involved with to help raise money for the hospital that saved her daughter’s life FOUR TIMES. Stacy set a meager goal of raising $250.00 at which point I requested she raise that goal to $1000.00 (which I still think is too low…and that’s where you come in.) If you’d like to support a hospital that accepts ANY child patient, whether they’re covered by insurance or not, I ask that you give what you can. This particular charity ends on Sept 19th so please act fast.

Click here to support a charity that I believe we should support with all of our heart.

7 years ago my niece (Zoe Beyla) was born with a serious heart condition called “hypoplastic left heart syndrome.” By the age of 4 she had undergone four open heart surgeries, each one of those operations saved her life but gave no promise or guarantee of longterm success. Thankfully, Zoe survived each battle and she fought heroically to be the stoic 7-year-old beauty that she is today. As you might imagine, she grew to detest hospitals and everyone associated with them. Four heart surgeries is clearly too much pain and stress for anyone to go through in such a short amount of time especially at such a young age. In fact, she was giving her parents the silent treatment when I called to find out how she was doing after her last surgery. When her mom told me that Zoe was recovering well I said that I would like to throw a “Warrior Princess Party” in her honor. Apparently, after her mom announced this out loud, Zoe perked up and broke her vow of silence to say: “A party?………………..for ME???”

“Yes, for you! Jeez. You butt-kicking, cute-as-a-button, awesome-forever, never-not-awesome, daughter-of-two-of-the-greatest-parents-eva!” I don’t even know how she remembers me, considering how tour life has made me something of an absentee uncle over these past few years, but she always does. She remembers my house and all the musical instruments in it. She remembers painting my face with her fingerpaints. She remembers when I plopped her in front of a microphone along with her  cutie-pie sister and forced them to sing the chorus to my London Bridge song.

Zoe is now in the second grade. She’s 8 years old, she plays soccer, she smiles bright, walks tall, and she calls the scar on her chest a “zipper.” Her parents, Stacy and Corey, are the best parents a kid could ever hope for. They’re incredibly grateful for all the help that’s been given to them and they hope other parents can be as lucky. One way to ensure that children in need of serious medical care can continue to get it is by contributing to this charity.

On behalf of Zoe, Stacy and the entire family, I’d like to thank Children’s Hospital Boston for their great work. Please support them by donating what you can to the link below:

Thank you so much!!!

4 Responses to “My Niece is a Warrior Princess”

  1. stacy says:

    i love you Paul, thank you so, so very much.

  2. guillaume says:

    i d never even think about giving money to a charity before, but well, now,it’s done, and i ll keep on :)

  3. Cédric says:

    Hey there !

    Saw you live yesterday night in Paris and although I saw quite a lot of concerts before, it was probably one of the best gigs I attended. Full of love, humor and generosity.

    A generosity I gladly pay back by contributing to a noble cause. So that Zoe and many other children like her may “live to see their first kiss”.

    Here in France, we have health insurance for a long time now, and we take it for granted, although it’s not. Not everywhere at least. Indeed it should, but until then, such actions are essential.

    Thank you Sage, thank you Stacy.

    Love from France.

  4. Kaytie Jones says:


    I have always been a fan, since the age of 11 I’ve been listening to your songs. I didn’t comment to make you feel old but I wanted you to know that in that period of time my interest in you & my respect for you as an artist has grown, but today I have come to know a new part of you that enhances this love affair we have as artist & fan.
    Your relationship with your niece reminds me of the one my brother has with my daughter, I can feel the love in your words & I can tell that this girl has taken over a part of your heart. Coming from someone who also had quite a few surgeries as a youngin’, I appreciate everything you are doing for her & the way you go about it. Keep it up Paul because you are an amazing example for them & the rest of this world.
    Thanks so much man.

    Love your listener,
    Kaytie Jones.