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"All great truths begin as blasphemies," proclaimed the fiery playwright George Bernard Shaw. It's a sentiment that can be applied exponentially to the works of rapper Sage Francis and his exhilarating new album Li(f)e. Francis has never been afraid to provoke. As a result he is a sometimes polarizing and increasingly important figure in modern music. Adored by many, reviled by a few but never ignored and always essential, Sage Francis has emerged as the reigning agent provocateur of hip hop. Read more


“Love the Lie” video & Behing-The-Scenes info

“Love the Lie” is a song from my latest album, LI(F)E. The music is written by Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse. This wonderful stop-motion video was done by Jim Foltice. Many thanks to Jim for putting in the long hours to make this happen. PLEASE SPREAD THIS LINK. Further details on the making of this video and pictures of BEHIND-THE-SCENES tomfoolery are posted underneath the video.

Jim Foltice approached me years ago in regard to making a video for one of my songs. This kind of thing happens from time to time, but very rarely does an offer exceed idle status. This stop-motion animation was originally supposed to be a video short that Jim was doing to tell a tale of his own personal experience with a relationship gone awry. When he showed me what he was working on I asked if he could try to turn it into a music video. Asked=begged. At first we attempted to make this a “Best of Times” video but the imagery and storyline weren’t matching too well with the lyrics of that song. Once I saw the visual story hashed out I decided that it fit the lyrics to “Love the Lie” much better. In fact, after accompanying this song with his visual storyline I have an even deeper appreciation for my own song. It’s great when videos work out like that.

In the words of Jim’s good friend (and part-time assistant) Leif Kolt:

“The video took over 1000 total man hours to make. The overwhelming majority by Jim himself. All the puppets and sets were built by hand out of sheet metal, wire, rods, and dissembled cameras, watches, and radios. Most of the sets are built from Styrofoam on wooden frames, textured with found objects, and hand painted. Each puppet is in between 1 and 2 feet tall, built on fully poseable armatures and screwed down to the set for each scene.

The entire film was shot in HD on a Cannon camera using Dragon Stop Motion software and the individual shots (over 10,000) were laid end to end and edited using After Effects. After the few digital effects were added and the shots were all color corrected each scene was exported into Final Cut pro where the final cut of the film was edited together.

Over the course of filming Jim was gradually transformed from a ‘creamer in my coffee’ guy to a strictly all black coffee drinker. Averaging 2 pots a day, and at one point had to visit a doctor due to exhaustion and malnourishment.”

Also, in case you missed it when we first posted it, here is a stop-motion animation that Jim Foltice did as promo for my LI(F)E album:

9 Responses to ““Love the Lie” video & Behing-The-Scenes info”

  1. Diego says:

    Excellent work, Mr Foltice. Looks beautiful!

    Sage, look at you becoming a real-life star with high-production-value music videos! Love it.

    I’m just jealous I’ll probably never get to work with you and edit a music video. Maybe I’ll raise some money for a Sage Francis documentary to get an excuse to find a way to hang out with you. I’ve already got a title – “Sage Francis: Death is a Pussy!”

  2. bg says:

    RIP Mr. Linkous. You are missed.

  3. Indy Grrrl says:

    Crafty. I love it.

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