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From the moment he came screaming out of his moms hot vag, DJ Jizzy Steve was born to spit. Hot fucking fire. Usually he’s chillin with a Corona and a fitted Tiger’s cap in his back yard, but when he’s not he’s tearing up the streets of East Lansing, MI. His favorite color is orange and he likes to mail baggies of his feces to people. He’s known for being one of the few white guys allowed to call his black friend “nigga” without reprimand.

DJ Jizzy Steve got his start in 2002. After a successful run of watching 8 Mile every day for 3 solid months he began to recite Rabbit’s lines during poetry sessions at the local Starbuck’s. Soon he went full on into the battling circuit, taking on slam poets who accused him of being a hack and wasting everyone’s time. Later, he would attend an Eminem concert and manage to push his way almost up to the front row.

Ever since he was young, Jizzy’s family knew he had talent. Once he was able to beat Mike Tyson’s Punch Out without using the code to skip to the end past the Sand Man. Often, he would make tapes of himself playing chopsticks on his Casio using recently recorded burps and fart sounds.

After Jizzy's third attempt at the 10th grade, he chose to work at the local Taco Bell, with aspirations of management. This was never to be, for 8 years later he found his calling as a lyricist.

Owing much of his sound to his inner Detroit upbringing (he grew up in Waverly, East Lansing, it’s really close), he also cites Kid Rock and ICP as influences. His first single, ,“Lose Yourself” was a cover of the Eminem song from his favorite movie. It was done as a duet with Eminem, though the two have never met, with samples from ICP’s “Riddle Box” album. This single earned over 7 million plays on MySpace, all of them presumably from real people.

After countless demos and dope beats were submitted through MySpace and email, Jizzy has signed an extensive contract with Strange Famous Records that may or may not include a used van. For it’s part, SFR has agreed to unblock Jizzy’s email address and allow him to post in our forum sometimes, though it is strongly discouraged. He hopes to upload new tracks at frequent intervals, dependent on remixes of midwestern white major label rappers.

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