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interview for, Aug 22, 2002
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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interview for, Aug 22, 2002  Reply with quote  

Sage Francis,
About a month ago I emailed you regarding an interview for our weekly paper and website I know its a little late but I noticed you have been rescheduled to come out to California to perform. If you have some spare time, I have sent a list of question for you to answer so that we can run a story on you in our paper the week of the show. I think there is enough background information on you online for the intro to the interview but if you have an electronic press kit you could link me too or a press statement w/picture you can email to me that would help out greatly.
I know most interview questions are lame. I'm used to doing Phoners with people and just getting into general conversation. I wont be offended should you omit any of the questions. However if its ok with you I would like to be able to send a few follow up questions should it seem necessary. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

There seems to be a backlash in the underground against so-called "Art Fag" hip hop.
What do you feel has brought about this "Art School" vs. "True School" rivalry?

"I don't know what the difference is between Art Fag and True School. I would imagine most people would call Bambataa an Art Fag if he was cut from hiphop history and pasted into the modern day rap world. That wouldn't make him False School, would it? I don't care how creative he gets with his homosexuality (if that's really what it's all about.)"

Do you see a kind of self segregation in the hip hop underground?

"Self-segregation? Kind of? Hmmmm...I guess. If that's possible."

What do you think needs to be done to even out the ethnic (even male/female) ratio at underground hip hop shows?

"Less alienation needs to occur within the context of the music and it's listeners. I see a lot of intermixing in the underground scene...but when you are in a mixed community and ONLY one type of person attends your show, that's when you know you're in trouble. It depends who the artist is trying to target though. I don't care who is long as it's SOMEONE. I don't wish to alienate anyone...unless they suck as a human being. Even then...I like a lot of people who suck. haha."

What is the most annoying thing you see at your shows?

"Aggressive security who scream at the audience when the show is over. I HATE THAT. I have come out of my shell on more than one occasion to confront steroid-induced aggression. Beyond that...I hate beligerant drunk people in the front row who don't understand who they effect the people around them. Pumping your fist is great....just make sure you're not hitting someone's girlfriend in the face."

What would you do to change it?

"I confront it. I tell the security to stop screaming on people...then I send them off to get their boss. As for the fans...I slap them in the face and wait to explain the situation for when they sober up."

I've read in other Interviews that you're over competing in high profile freestyle battles.
However you still compete in the National Poetry Slam Competition each year
How did you do this year?

"My team made it into the semi-finals and got beat out by the team who eventually tied for first place. It was a great time. I never expect to do all too well during the nationals...I basically go to hang out with a bunch of beautiful weirdos.
How does competing in poetry slam differ from competing in a freestyle battle?
Competition is much the same. But what you get out of the experience is very different. The same nerves exist when you are going up against other people. In both cases you are basically saying "I am doper than's why." hahaa. But as much bullshit that exists in both competitions, I walk away from the National Poetry Slam feeling charged and inspired to create. It is a rare occasion for anyone to feel this way after an emcee battle."

How do you prepare mentally for either competition?

"I run through multiple scenerios over and over and over in my mind. A lot of the time, any mental preperation goes right out the door once it's "go" time. The best thing to do is find a clean bathroom somewhere and just UNLOAD. For at least a half hour."

Does the content of your slam poetry differ from what you say in your hip hop rhymes? Please explain.

" content is similar in anything I do. I am a person of content. I create material of content. I can get away with more negative content in battles....I can get away with more vulnerable content in poetry slams. Over all, I think the content is similar if we are comparing my songs to my spoken word material.
Re: Straight Edge.
Have you been all your life?

"Yes. and No. In some people's definition of sXe I am clean. In other people's definition of sXe I am a human dumpster. I'm not at all interested in attaching myself to that label as much as I did in 1996. I've noticed how I am ruled by vices...whether they come in pill form or not."

Have you noticed if your core fan base is Straight Edge as well? Does it matter?

"I would be in big trouble if my core fanbase was sXe, because only 10 people who show up to each performance...and they would all hate each other. I do have a lot of sXe listeners, which is cool, but no...I don't think it matters much."

Do you see the future of hip hop having a larger Straight Edge sub culture similar to the Hard core scene in D.C.?

"I can see that. I think it already exists in large numbers. I don't want it to get to the point where people are judging each other on the merit of their "purity" but it would be good to see some activism take place in hiphop again."

If you could go back in time and be any emcee from the 80's who would you be?

"If I could go back and be me again, I would like to be Rakim. He was the king and motherfuckers knew it."

Why does hip hop from outside the North America suck so bad?

"Hahahahaaaa! Hahahaa. Ah...what an asshole question. Slick Rick was the best hiphop to come from outside of our borders. That's all I'm saying."

Are you looking forward to the new Paul Barman record? Why do you like/dislike him so much?

"ya. I don't."

If you could ask George Dubya one question in a press conference what would it be?

"Hey G-Dub...does it hurt to have daddy's hand stuck that far up your ass?"

Why do you talk so much shit in interviews?

"Because you're obviously a beyotch."

If you were going to interview a straight edge, white, underground, battle emcee/Poetry Slam champion, with a huge internet fan base, who is constantly jocked by critics, backpackers, college DJs, and all around indie hip hop purists. What would you ask him?

"Why are you even interested in taking time away from your friends and family to cater to my shitty interview when I obviously don't respect the contributions you make to the music I pretend to love."

How would you answer?

"Because I have faith that you enjoy me in the privacy of your love life."
Post Thu Aug 22, 2002 9:34 pm
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Re: interview for, Aug 22, 2002  Reply with quote  

Sage Francis wrote:
"Why are you even interested in taking time away from your friends and family to cater to my shitty interview when I obviously don't respect the contributions you make to the music I pretend to love."

His bitch ass got served. Fuck a
Post Fri Aug 23, 2002 1:06 am
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