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"Ban White People From Hip-Hop"
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August Spies

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Of course not, but imo anyone who spends any substantail amount of money on clothes is foolish.
Post Wed Aug 21, 2002 11:47 pm
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Not to drag this out or noth'n  Reply with quote  

Maybe I should let this post slip down into history... Naw.

I just wanna make somthing clear. First off if you just Listen to hip hop music this doesnt apply to you. I am by no means against white people or any other race becoming a part of hip hop. I am in a crew that has white emcees in it.

I belive in a theory called "Overspecialization". The term simply means that when you have to high a concentration of one prospective (Quality, race or mentality) no matter how advanced in one area it may be, It still has weaknesses. By overspecializing, you "breed in weakness".

I think hip hop is the same. It is proof of how special our culture is when people from anywhere in the world can feel it and want to become a part of it. It enriches us all and brings us together. thats somthing that so many other things have failed to do.

That having been said I think the universal appeal of hip hop is a vessal of communication from the hearts of those who do it. Yeah, no doubt, that includes people of all races, but to understand what it is your doing you gotta know what it meant to the person you learned it from.

Not to stake claim or nothing but peep game> I am one of those poor, black, innercity youths that grew up along side hip hop. For us there was no representation of who we were or could be. That in iself is a huge divider along color lines: growing up We were Benson (the house negro) or JJ from good times and you were Ricky (rich kid from silver spoons) or The fonze from happy days. Now this is just a small example, but social image is a powerfull thing. Fact is hip hop was somthing born form our expirence that wasnt fake or watered down. We Instantly Identified with Run DMC and LL cool J. cause they represented what we did everyday. We backspinned on cardboard boxes. We carried our boom boxes on our sholders with the shit blasting while white folks looked at us with the "silly negro" expression on there faces. We spent crazy amounts of money on chains and jewlrey in a preliminary atempt to compinsate for our social insecurities. We were kids but this was our colective personality starting to blossom to the world.

The music was our voice and spirit and it scared the shit out of white America. Even if there were other races there at the time the were looked at as wanna be blacks exept Latino's who were like our brothers and shared the same struggles. Hip Hop was our opportunity to be ourselfs and identify with each other no matter where we were at. It was entertainment that pop culture was to scared to be entertained by. Everybody I Knew was either a breaker, was trying to rap or at least Listened to rap on a regular basis. That was 1985-1990. Yeah, thats history.

Nowadays things are different, but things are still the same. Now that heartfelt realness that hip hop represents has graduated out of the ghetto and into the rest of the world. Now the underepresented from Belfast to Baltamore feel the powerer that was born form our "collective personality". Thats dope.

What Im getting at is this: The same way little black kids are given history books filled with hero's and great men who represent somone elses culture, It should be manditory for anyone who considers themselfs part of Hip Hop to know the history of its arcitechts as well. That is our legacy. I hate to make things overly racial, but If our music is going to reach other races it should at least open thier minds to the prospective it was born from. It should create grounds for understanding, otherwise its not unity, its stealing.
Post Thu Aug 22, 2002 11:09 am
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co-sign like a muhfucker on that Notch.

and with that, lets put this thread to and end and graciously watch it sink down into the archives.
Post Thu Aug 22, 2002 11:34 am
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