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Hautwired Magazine interview 5/30/03
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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Hautwired Magazine interview 5/30/03  Reply with quote  

Interview with Sage Francis for Hautwired Magazine

First off, why did you choose the name Sage Francis?

"I liked the word 'sage.' It was a one syllable word with a nice sound to it. It was time for me to take my destiny into my own hands, so I adopted that word as my new name. I gathered all my friends together one day and I sat them down in my room to make the announcement. I said, 'Hey will call me Sage from now on. I will not respond to anything else. Respect the cock.' and they were like, 'whatever...FRANCIS.' So...we made a compromise."

When did you figure out that this is what you wanted to do with your life?

"It wasn't something that I really had to figure. No calculations were made. I just did it, because it's what I enjoyed. For multiple reasons that can't be explained to guidance counselors."

I understand that you are in a few groups, namely AOI and Non-Prophets. Can you shed some light on these groups for those who don't know?

"AOI was my first band, but it is defunct now. We haven't played together for a few years. It wasn't a very successful collaboration of music and/or minds, but it was worth the trip for what I learned from it. Non-Prophets is the group that consists of me on vocals and Joe Beats on production. It is more of a traditional hiphop sound than any of my other stuff. Very fun for me to do."

Your nationally released album, Personal Journals, had numerous people handling production, but no guest emcees. Why is that?

"There is not a single emcee besides me who had any place saying anything on that album. None."

How hard was it to gain respect from the public with your unique style of rap and poetry?

"It took a very long fucking time. It is not an easy trip, and most people who travel that path give up before they even get half way through. I just had nothing to stop me beyond external adversity."

Who are your biggest influences in rap, music in general, poetry and life?

"In rap: Chuck D, KRS, Rakim, Ice T, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Buck 65 Slug, and many more. In poetry: Patricia Smith, Jeffrey McDaniel, Taylor Mali, Bill MacMillan, Jack McCarthy, and many more. In life: my mother, step-dad, my long time friend Jared, my female companion, Bob Dylan and Neil Young."

You recently signed a three album deal with Epitaph, how did this end up happening? How do you think this will affect yourself and your music?

"They had an interest in signing me due to my content and subject matter. I thoroughly enjoy a lot of the musicians on their roster and I respected their approach. So we worked out a good deal. This will keep the ball rolling. It will help me expand in many areas."

Have you ever thought about doing projects rooted in poetry; like a spoken word album or a book?

"Sure, I have. But that's not a priority of mine at the moment, so I have no idea when a book or spoken word album would be completed. Both will happen at some point. Not in the near future though. They've been sitting on the back burner for years now."

On “Runaways”, a track off of the Personal Journals album, you talk about the pain of growing up an orphan and the drudgery of foster homes. Is this how your life was or is this just clever wordplay?


Throughout your works, you seem to be a depressed and lonely person. Do you see your lyrics as a way of releasing all the emotions built up inside your mind or as a way to escape life with words of fiction?

"It is rare for me to divulge in any fictional material. I think I worked out a lot of shit with my last album. I feel like I am in a much better place now. Some things needed to be said in order for me to work out what was holding me back from moving on."

Hip-hop is a shell of what it used to be thanks to the publics view of hip-hop being the sugar coated pop stars MTV tries to sell as rappers. What emcees do you feel are making strides to bring hip-hop back to its former glory?

"Jay Z. Eminem. Zack De la Rocha, Outkast. I don't really know many popular hiphop artists these days, but hiphop in its glory days was huge and had a big impact on a lot of the artists I just mentioned."

What is your ultimate goal you are trying to reach with your lyrics?

"There is no goal. I have surpassed my goals. All I want to do with my lyrics is keep them healthy."

So what’s next for Sage Francis? Any new projects or collaborations you’d like to mention?

"Buck 65 and I are featured on Signify's upcoming 'Sleep No More' album. The only other person I have recorded with is Slug. The big noise will be Non-Prophets 'HOPE' album."

Thanks again for agreeing to this interview, and thanks for the music you provide for those of us that just want to hear something different and meaningful.
Post Fri May 30, 2003 5:46 pm
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the godfather of troll

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u do some interviews with some real obscure mags man..but all publicity is good publicity right
Post Fri May 30, 2003 6:06 pm
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