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Why do y'all give a fuck about "hip-hop"?
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Micranot wrote:
Good thing you said being a fan since the beginning is irrelevant, because I was going to say, its not our fault we got into hip hop as late as some of us did, especially considering how relatively young some of us are

That's not an excuse for not knowing the stuff that came before you tho.
Just so youre aware.
Post Fri Apr 25, 2003 3:34 pm
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What a pleasant thread this turned out to be.  Reply with quote  

I haven't been at my Mac last few days, but shit, y'all have turned this into a 101 for hop dope...

I think my initial tone (as Shylax stated) was a little off, I was trying to get peeps thinkin more open, I guess, and y'all have done so...this is what I was looking for, y'know, it's ridiculoid how much straight up negative shit gets tossed around, this thread has been anything but...crazy insight from Shylax, Reggie and the rest of y'all.

Thanks for the books, I'm gonna check for some of them at the local library...regarding the "Style Wars" DVD, does anyone know anything regarding Def Jux's involvement, I saw thier name tossed around with it, I was just curious, since from what I gather, it's about some ol' skool shit, and the DJX cats are pretty new skool...

Gots to fly
Post Fri Apr 25, 2003 4:36 pm
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