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ALARM PRESS lists Definition Sickness as a 2013 favorite
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ALARM PRESS lists Definition Sickness as a 2013 favorite  Reply with quote  

ALARM PRESS lists "Definition Sickness" as one of the 51 favorite albums of 2013:

"No Bird Sing is the brainchild of rapper Joe Horton, guitarist Robert Mulrennan, and drummer Graham O’Brien. Going from a live-band aesthetic to a more production-heavy recorded model has the potential to alienate fans, but No Bird Sing’s Definition Sickness is a dark pleasure. With a voice that recalls a more disillusioned Aesop Rock (if such a thing is possible), Horton raps over droning guitar and organic beats — the traditional instrumentation not competing with electronic production but rising to the top.

The album will evoke different things in different listeners. You may hear heaviness, drone, ambient techno, or modern indie rock, all lovingly filtered through the lens of hip hop. There’s no telling which interpretation is correct, but the end result is a nice fourth-quarter surprise, one of the best rap albums of the year."
- Lincoln Eddy
Post Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:34 pm
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