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EchoChamber reviews "Working Man" + a new MP3
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EchoChamber reviews "Working Man" + a new MP3  Reply with quote

On a daily basis, we receive enough hip-hop rubbish to make even the most devout fans of the genre second-guess their listening habits. The clichéd claims of being on some sort of epic grind or uttering only the realest of real talk are constant themes from the majority of land-of-make-believers who seek our support in their music. Thankfully, in extreme juxtaposition, we’re also able to hear artists who script sincere, compelling narratives by pouring their heart out like a forty-ounce.

Enter Prolyphic, Rhode Island native and Strange Famous alum. That 40oz line is a paraphrased lyric of his, one I believe speaks predominantly to what’s heard on Working Man, Pro’s latest LP produced exclusively by labelmate Buddy Peace. The long and the short of the story is this: Prolyphic has a number of topics he’d like to voice his opinion about, and the album, his follow-up to ’08′s well-received The Ugly Truth with Reanimator, plays like a tooth and nail David v. Goliath representation of a day-in, day-out blue-collared lifestyle.

There are some valiant battles to be fought on Working Man. On the album, Prolyphic throws punches at everyone from FEMA (“Six Feet High”) to Big Pharma (“Drug Dealer”) to the no check-cashing, lollipop-hoarding bitch at Citizens (“F*** Banks”). They’re all honest gripes, too, conveyed with gritty lyrics and given a rapid pulse from Prolyphic’s energy as much as Buddy Peace’s carefully crafted production work. An album this well-conceived and delivered is hard to come by, but the RI-to-LDN team of two have managed to release one of 2013′s best to date — and it all happens over some of the hardest drums hip-hop has ever witnessed.

"Working Man" is available NOW at:

Post Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:17 pm
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