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Healthcare Reform Law Upheld!
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Mark in Minnesota wrote:
If you are of the opinion that privately owned and operated health insurance is a corrupt and broken system because it creates a profit motive (as opposed to simply a cost-control motive) to deny sick people health care, then an individual mandate is a huge giveaway to the operators of inherently evil businesses. In contrast, even if the tax burden for a single-payer is identical to the cost of private premiums, the private system is grossly inferior because it has fiduciary responsibility to shareholders, not statutory responsibility to patients. Even if PPACA works as advertised and lowers real costs for everyone including the currently uninsured and underinsured, distaste for the moral result is an internally consistent position to have--especially given the tyranny-of-the-majority stuff that goes into whether a given medical treatment is covered under those policies.

Forget the fact that these companies gladly deny life-saving cancer treatment over slim technicalities, routinely cut deals with certain medical device providers, drug companies, and hospitals in ways that limit patient choice without lowering costs or improving quality of care. Forget that these companies support legislation to make themselves immune from class action lawsuits, and that they by and large opposed the same reforms which just added tens of millions of new customers to their rolls.

Just look strictly at whether or not we want the people in charge of rationing our health care subject to market forces. Remember a few months ago when the NASCAR and talk radio set got all up in arms over the possibility that their insurance premiums or tax dollars might somehow pay for an abortion or a birth control pill? Remember how the entire left basically stepped up en masse to make sure the abortion costs wouldn't become the tip of a spear on making women's reproductive health an uncovered medical treatment, not due to legitimate debate about the necessity of the treatments but due to regressive politics masquerading as market force?

Those same regressive politics masquerading as market force are causing insurance companies to deny gender reassignment treatments--both surgery and hormone therapy--with much less controversy, in spite of well-understood mental health effects associated with leaving the basic body/gender dysphoria issues untreated. Many of the mental health issues themselves are also poorly covered. Private insurers have real concern that if they pay for those treatments their plans will be swamped by people who need the medicine and abandoned in droves by more populous and profitable bigots. This wouldn't be the same degree of concern in a single-payer system as it is in the mandatory-participation-in-private-markets system--and creation of the latter system has made a subsequent shift to the former system far less likely. PPACA also left certain reforms such as policies that function across state lines (which could have helped transgendered people negotiate from a position of greater collective power) off the table. Had we left the mainstream system broken for another decade or so, perhaps support for single payer would have emerged--but the solution we got probably guarantees that reforms to our medical system's treatment of trans people will not improve for half a century or more. Speaking as someone who has trans friends who have been hospitalized or even dead of suicide under the current status quo, and who expect to be beggared by the costs of uncovered medical treatment in their own private best case scenario: A "shut up and celebrate the partial victory" argument is not that compelling in some lights.

Me, I'm too much of a pragmatist to take that stance wholeheartedly--but neither am I glad to see responses calling disappointment with the SCOTUS decision short sighted or selfish. Progressives left some people behind on this one, and the PPACA decision last week pretty much killed any possibility of those people getting a do-over. Heaping scorn on people who wish we had been given that do-over is not an act of thoughtful debate, regardless of whether our political climate would support a single payer outcome or not.

Thank you for elucidating things I am to enraged by to articulate in a constructive manner.
Post Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:15 pm
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Dr Sagacious

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Liberals, the sort of people that smile, and tell an oppressed person that they are out of their minds when said oppressed people essentially say "Fuck the system", and then they (Liberals) get into an argument with a "Conservative" about such a thing as "privilege" somewhere else.
Post Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:20 pm
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