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B. Dolan's CHURCH OF LOVE & RUIN TOUR. Finished!
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b. dolan wrote:
no comment on covering KRS with a marching band, eh? that gets no love?

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Post Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:48 pm
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skobie won

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The Metermaids better fuck an animal in the ass while they are on stage or skobie one takes a shit on stage at the basement show, or I'm gonna be pissed!

i havent got my GG allen on in a while but, it being my first real show in Provi Ill have to hold off.. unless of course we are talking Ben's and since i have IBS i doubt it will be hard to pull off..
Post Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:34 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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Review from March issue of

The Church of Love and Rain
The Met, Pawtucket, RI 2/12/11

B. Dolan has been working on this show’s concept for over two years. He has said that this is the best representation of Love that he could amass. The show is best described by local musician Shane Hall, it is “burlesque on PCP. Super sexy and weird.” The house DJ, DJ Beesknees, and the opening musical performer Vockah Redu traveled up from New Orleans to get the crowd in the right mood for this musical adventure. The whole show is hosted by Jamie Dewolfe, from the comedy troup “Tourettes without Regrets” out of Oakland.

B. Dolan didn’t want to just throw a musical show, he wanted an event. Jamie comes up in between performers, getting the crowd to play some pretty creative games. The first one has Jamie and a person from the crowd draw bull’s eyes on their butts, while the crowd throws heads of lettuce and pig hearts at the targets. Another game is Toilet Paper Dodgeball, where 48 rolls of paper are put in the middle of the split room, and the crowd rushes at each other throwing the rolls vigorously at the opposite group. The last set of games, has two women racing for the beers across the room while crowd surfing. This is just the entertainment between the performers. The performers themselves are just as colorful.

Nicholle Pride, a drag queen from Boston, comes out periodocally, lip synching to various popular songs. She dances around the stage interacting fully with the crowd. At the end of her last song, she full on stage dives into the crowd’s open arms. What Cheer Brigade follows Vockah Redu. I just have to take a moment and explained what Vockah Redu brings to this show. He is accompanied by a sissy bounce group. For those like myself, that had no idea what a sissy bounce group is, picture all the females in most rap videos that shake every ounce of their body to the beats. The ones that some how defy gravity, using muscles a normal behind doesn’t seem to have, and replace them with men doing the same dances.

As I said, What Cheer Brigade follows Vockah Redu. What Cheer is a 16 piece marching band that has too many players to fit on stage, so the drums just mix into the crowd. The band is full of energy, the tuba players’ stand to the back of the stage, spinning in cirlces, high fiving on each pass. The trombone players violently throw their slides into the crowd, as the other players on stage dodge them by jumping up and down out of the way. The music is loud, What Cheer brings out a primal need to move, the drums get deep into you, and the energy is just fantastic. The temperture change in the room was instantly noticable, as the crowd exerts energy dancing.

B. Dolan comes out, thanking everyone for not being homophobic and running out. He tells us he isn’t trying to make a statement, he just “happened to learn a secret handshake by mistake” which let him into the group. He says he realized shortly after that “the gays know how to party. They always have a good time.” Sage Francis walks out, about halfway through B. Dolan’s set, providing backing vocals. Dolan and Sage bounce off each other playfully, each delivers thought provoking intelligent raps. They play two songs togther, and B. Dolan stops turns to Sage and says, “You know you came out to early right? I have other friends you know, I can’t always hang out with just you.” Sage smiles, “I know, I know, I’ll go.” Sage is replaced on stage by Nicholle, who B. Dolan hands a bouqet of roses, and kisses her cheek. She clears the stage, and What Cheer Brigade takes it. B. Dolan raps over the blasts of brass instruments that fill the air. The last song has every performer of the night on or near the stage. As the song starts to come to a close, B. Dolan thanks everybody again for making his dream a reality.
(Melvin O)
Post Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:13 am
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b. dolan
FBI agent

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review from Hip Hop Lives:

"Thanks to the ever-increasing coverage of Wiz Khalifa, Lil B and Odd Future, 2010 was the year live rap shows once again became a big deal to Hip-Hop Journalists. No longer seen as merely a promotional inconvenience or quick payday, the platform that first birthed the medium has become a lightning rod for both innovation as well as a great time. Leading the first major rap-centric tour of 2011, Strange Famous recording artist B.Dolan set New York’s Webster Hall ablaze with the first stop on his Church of Love and Ruin.

Citing “boredom with rap tours” as his primary motivation, the show was unlike anything I had ever seen. The lineup of rap alongside sissy bounce, burlesque and a marching band, along with the promise of interactive elements, had me expecting the unexpected. What unfurled before my eyes was not just a concert, but a carnival. With openers the Metermaids, Dolan and his surprise guest, who I’ll name shortly, being the only acts on the bill who had played New York before, the excitement in the room was combined with a certain anxiousness the made what would have been a typically stoic New York crowd apprehensive with uneasiness.

After the Metermaids, backed by DJ Halo, set the night off with the evening’s most conventional set, something the group openly acknowledged as the first time that’s ever happened, Dolan walked out on-stage as his beloved-to-hate provocative Bombzo the Clown character. It was one the one last familiar glimpse as the night went off the rails and out of control:

With great bombast, the night’s hosts Jamie and Sissy DeWolf took the stage and proceeded to “torture the cool” out of the onlookers. The performers began dispersing into the crowd, literally touching concert-goers as the standard for the night was set. The evening included burlesque act Nicholle Pride making several appearances and getting more dollar bills each time, The What? Cheer Brigade, an extensive marching band whose members spilled off the stage and into the crowd for their performance, and several audience-participation fueled games like “Whose Dick is This?” and the “Feminist Crowd Surf.” All were entertaining, but the talk of the night was New Orleans sissy-bounce artist Vockah Radu who, backed by three dancers, gave nothing short of a spellbinding heart-pounding clinic on showmanship. From entering through the crowd in a cloak, mask and smoking a stick of incense to closing with a ridiculously intense synchronized dance performance in the middle of the room, not since Big Freedia’s CMJ performance has New York City seen something so distinctly Bounce in full force.

The night closed with the tour’s mastermind B.Dolan performing favorite selections from his entire body of work. From slam poetry to rap, Dolan delivered. Along with debuting new material like a finely detailed poem on what killed Wu-Tang member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, he added candid moments between songs, explainging the writing process in his more personal work such as “Marvin” off of ‘Fallen House Sunken City.’ After a double encore of “House of Bees” with special guest Sage Francis and The What? Cheer Brigade joining him for “Border Crossing,” the night ended as the crowd dispersed, both excited and at something of a loss for words of what they had just witnessed. Debuting such a diverse non-heteronormative rap tour in a city so rooted in tradition was a gamble, but in the Church of Love and Ruin, gambling is a sin that pays quite well."
Post Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:38 pm
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Sage Francis wrote:
The show is best described by local musician Shane Hall, it is “burlesque on PCP. Super sexy and weird.”

NICE! I totally flexed my "dude come to this show and review it" muscle for you on this one, I'm glad dude came through.
Post Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:35 pm
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