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Lets talk about Islam and Liberals
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Lets talk about Islam and Liberals  Reply with quote  

Since I'm the only one posting threads anymore I want to balance it out a bit and take the convo me and jenkins started in the podcast thread here.

Its a hot topic on the social media right now.

Post Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:21 pm
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Ben Affleck is a silly, silly man. And I don't know much about Ayaan Hirsi except that she was weirdly under attack in a Jon Stewart interview once in which he argued against points she wasn't making.

I will say this, though. By and large, liberals who defend Islam as a religion know very little about it. They know very little about what it means to be Muslim in countries that are governed with religious law. They certainly haven't spoken to many Arab ex-Muslims about what THEY think of the religion.

I think Muslims need defending in America, because they get the shit kicked out of them in every possible way in our society, and in our media. Affleck's problem is that he equates that well-intentioned mission with actually understanding Islam, which he does not.

Reza Aslan is really fucking smart, but he also has his own agenda. That agenda is to explain away everything bad that is said about the religion, and he's brilliant at it. I don't trust a guy who has an answer for everything, especially when it is pretty contradictory to what I've known to be true.

The "draw Mohammad" lady from Texas is a GREAT example of something we need to reckon with as liberals/lefties/moderates/whatever. She's probably the biggest douche of all time, but if she is actually risking her life by drawing a picture (which she is) then we might want to consider how we feel about that. Cause that is sillier than Ben Affleck.

I do disagree with Hirsi about being wrong to call it bigotry, though. Calling all criticism of Islam bigotry is obviously ridiculous, but a lot of Americans MAIN problem with Islam is that they just hate Muslims. I just think we can back way from defending the religion itself and still defend the people who need defending.

Rallying that Islam is violent and must be stopped is bigotry, but to say that it is a peachy fucking sunny religion that is pleasant for everyone involved is just straight up naive.
Post Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:43 pm
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As far as I can tell Reza is willingly deaf to nuanced arguments. It's frustrating as all hell. And I think his willingness to misrepresent Sam harris's arguments is unforgivable. Especially if I am Sam Harris. Sam's patience is truly remarkable.

These people are literally risking their lives for speaking out on Islam.
Post Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:43 am
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