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Drunk Driving Incidents
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Drunk Driving Incidents  Reply with quote  

Let's hear your stories. Before I share one of mine, I'd like to say that I don't condone this shit so there's no need to give me a lecture. I've always despised the kids who thought it was like the cool thing to do. But back when I was drinking everyday, it was unavoidable in my mind. I've never gotten in trouble whatsoever but I figured it would only be a matter of time before I got caught and/or got into an accident. So, it was one of my resolutions back on January 1st of this year to stop doing it all together. I broke it a few times. :( I made a rule for myself which I try to keep...if I'm driving, no more than 3 beers or 2 glasses of wine (because let's be realistic, if I go out to dinner or have a quick drink at a bar, I'm not going to call a cab and leave my car when I'm perfectly fine. Yeah, I know, it could be enough to screw me legally but...yeah.) Also, I hate to say it...but I'm fucking good at it. Yeah, yeah I know that's a stupid thing to say and I know what you're thinking..."everyone thinks they're good at it". Which may be true. But honestly, when I'm fucked up driving, I don't drive like my usual asshole sober self (speeding, whipping around turns, switching lanes, etc.). 10 and 2 all the way, baby. Anyway, enough's my incident:

I went to a wedding in Connecticut with my girl at the time. Her childhood friend was getting married. Coming from Jersey, I think I recall it took 4-5 hours to get there. She drove. Once it was all over (as was the case countless times), she was drunker than I was. I made the decision to get behind the wheel and embark on a 5 hour drive home...drunk. Yup, one of the dumbest and most reckless things I've ever done. It gets worse though. As I'm driving on the interstate, she decides she wants to give me road head. I told her I needed to focus and be sharp. She didn't listen and I caved very quickly. So, she's doing her thing and I'm cruising right along with the flow of traffic. I was approaching an underpass and there was a car stopped right in the middle of the lane, under the bridge. It was dark and I didn't see it at first. I fucking slammed on the brakes hard as hell and avoided the collision. She hit her head pretty hard on the steering wheel and I noticed that a couple cars behind me had to swerve outta the way to avoid hitting me. I almost died with my dick out. Jokes aside, it could have been soooo bad. So bad. I asked her if she was OK and told her to stay on her side for the remainder of the drive. Sure enough, she was blowing me again like a half hour later. Ugh. Don't judge me too much. I'm better now, I swear! We made it home safe. (Note: I hope I'm not being too insensitive to those who had something truly tragic happen to them or someone they know. I just want to hear your stories because, sadly, a lot of us are guilty of this.)

Tell me your stories so I don't feel so alone here.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:03 am
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my own story sucks, got drunk at a friends house and needed to get the car home before morning so I drove pretty drunk through back streets at 4 in the morning. nothing eventful, just a good bit of shame afterwards.

but my friend had a good story, he drives drunk more often than he should and he's at a friend's cottage, somewhat secluded area, he's driving out of the driveway and he's just goofing around going in reverse and for whatever reason (he turned too quick, the driveway was uneven, he's driving an old truck) his truck tips over and him being a moron and just acting as quick as he can, he puts his arm out the window to cushion the fall, I guess. Ends up breaking his arm, when the ambulance arrives the paramedics refuse to help him until a cop arrives on the scene to give him a breathalyzer test. Thankfully that took so long that he blew under the limit and after like 30 minutes the paramedics finally help him with his broken arm.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:14 am
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You're lucky she didn't bite it off. Also, do you realize what a DWI would do to your insurance in this state? You're talking thousands of dollars per year for at least a few years.

I've driven drunk before. The worst was probably the time that I a had a few shots, then we loaded up in my car and hotboxed a philly blunt. Ugh. I don't remember half of the drive. That was a decade ago and looking back it scares the shit out of me.

My mother was thrown through the windshield of my father's corvette back in the 60's because a drunk driver swerved and hit them head on. It's odd to think that drunk driving almost prevented my existence.

Driving is the most complicated thing that most of us do on a daily basis. There's hundreds of inputs all at once, massive amounts of entropy, and lots of tricky illusions involving speed and distance. Don't impair yourself before you try that.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:17 am
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I have no respect for people who drink drive. I have done it once, and am very ashamed. Nothing happened, but it was one of the stupidest things I have ever done and I will never repeat it.

Anyone who thinks they are 'capable' of drink driving is an absolute fucking moron. If anything happened to you, or worse, to someone else, how exactly are you going to feel about the fact that your intoxication was responsible for that event? As redball said, driving is something that requires an incredible amount of concentration. And people who drink drive on the regular are arrogant enough to assume that they are better drivers than everyone else out there and that their impairment isn't really a big deal. Well guess what, it is a fucking big deal. I have lost friends through the actions of drink drivers. This thread is in incredibly poor taste and your disclaimer at the beginning makes it no better. smh
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:27 am
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this thread is a bad idea. cool points aren't worth admitting this shit to the point of posting it on the internets. poor form.

and thinking it's "unavoidable" is foolish. unless gun points (or any other life threatening points) are involved, you always have a choice.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:52 am
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My mate ran me over drunk. Everyone who was there knew he was really drunk. I knew because when i came to in the middle of the road, All my friends were gathered round me asking if i was okay and my mate was standing by his car shaking his head at the damage saying "my dad is gonna kill me"!
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:07 am
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ms. icarus

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Sounds like you do condone it. Which makes you a moron.
My dad went to jail for having a number of DUIs (and an outstanding child support case) and he complained about how the "real" criminals (ie drug users and dealers) got off easy and the "good guys" (ie DUIs and deadbeat dads) were getting a bad rap. Seems to me it's the drunk drivers and deadbeats who are really hurting people. Why risk killing someone or going to jail? If you can't afford a cab, or find a designated driver, how hard is it to not get drunk?
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:23 am
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Smurf Stomper

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Yeah drunk driving is not good. I don't have any personal stories because I'm usually the DD (I tend to smoke more than I drink) but I do have a pretty good story about one of my friends.

This was back when we were in high school and my buddy was the kid who would show up to school late and drunk off his ass. One day he staggered in with a button up shirt buttoned up crooked, wearing one sock and reeking of alcohol. Needless to say, he was going through a hard time. Anyway, we had a party at this girl's house where he proceed to drink way to much Tequila. After convincing him not to throw a brick through her front window, he ran off into the night. We tried to find him but couldn't....

The next day we went to his house and found him passed out on his coach. Not thinking much of it, we went on with our day. He called later on and asked if our other friends had gotten their car back. We had no idea what he was talking about. He seemed confused and got off the phone. Later on that day, he came over to my apartment (sorry, this was a bit after high school actually) and told us what he remembered of the night before. Apparently after leaving the house party, he tried to walk back to my apartment that was only a mile away. He ended up throwing a rock through a business window and then tried the doors of cars until he found one unlocked. He doesn't remember if the keys were in it or not (guessing they were since he doesn't know how to hot wire a car) and ended up stealing the car and driving around town. Half way through his joy ride, he looked in the back seat and noticed that their was a car seat there. Thinking it was a friend's car that had a baby, he decided that he should park the car near our apartment.
He then proceed to steal another car and drive around town some more. He remembers finding a bag of weed in the car and picking up a bum, who he then smoked a bowl with and drove around. A couple of days later there was a news story about a bum who had killed another bum and he swears it was the guy he picked up. Not sure about that...Anyway, he ended up parking that car right by his house before going and passing out.

That same day, not two hours after telling us that story, we have a knock on our door and there are two police officers standing there. They ask us if we have any idea about the silver car that's parked in front of our apartment, the same car he had stolen and left there. We of course said we knew nothing and they went on their way. He was never caught for what he did, and unfortunately the situation wasn't a wake up call for him. He went through the next two years following the same pattern of drinking way to much and doing stupid things. Luckily he never hurt himself or anyone else.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:43 am
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okay, i'll bite.

i was going out to a show in allston, boston's premier bad decision destination, and somehow ended up going to a house party/ basement show the next town over. i parked in allston and got a ride over, but the people i came with bailed around 2am. so, im sitting on the stoop trying to sort my life out, and i start talking to a girl who is getting a cab back towards my house. great, a little flirting and a couple cigarettes later, im getting a free cab ride home.

as soon as we get into the cab, my gut tells me something is wrong. the inside of the cab smelled more like whiskey than i did. as he pulls the cab out onto the main street, the cabbie starts swerving into the other lanes and tells us about how he was just pulled over and given a ticket for speeding, so he's "blowing off steam" for the rest of his shift.

the lady laughs it off, and im realizing that there might be an expectation of sex tonight, which i was neither willing nor able to do. so as we pass the the place i parked my car, i jumped out of the cab at no less than 25 mph, scrambled to my feet, and slept in my car. waking up hungover in the driver's seat with the sun beating down on my face was one of the worst feelings i've ever experienced.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:48 am
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cakes wrote:
this thread is a bad idea. cool points aren't worth admitting this shit to the point of posting it on the internets. poor form.

and thinking it's "unavoidable" is foolish. unless gun points (or any other life threatening points) are involved, you always have a choice.

Seconded. I get nervous even thinking about driving after one beer. Sure, my faculties are still in place, and nothing would probably happen, but I can't risk it. I can't. There would have to be something life threatening going on for me to even consider it. It probably helps that I don't get trashed unless I know I won't be driving anywhere. If I do need to drive I either limit myself on what I drink or I make sure there is ample time for me to sober up. It's all kind of laughable now because no one was seriously hurt, but the last thing I want anyone to be is the person who was drunk driving and killed someone.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:54 am
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tommi teardrop

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I stopped drinking and driving about 4 years ago. But before that, I was pretty bad about it. Here is my recent story of driving with a friend that was drunk:

We leave the bar. I'm pretty drunk. I assume my friend is alright. I wasn't really hanging out with him at the bar. He just came and nudged me and said let's roll. We start heading to my house, and he takes the wrong right turn. I tell him that he turned on the wrong street and he doesn't respond. I look over at him and he is in zombie mode. I start yelling at him. He starts going faster and not responding. He smacks the rear view mirror off of a Mercedes and then I notice that we are headed for a double set of those pole barricades.

He doesn't slow down at all. I brace for impact. We hit the first pole so hard that we knock it down nearly all the way to the ground. So we end up launching off that first pole and we get thrown onto the next pole. Airbags deploy and we are sitting on the second pole at a 45 degree angle.
We tried to bail and take a hit & run rather than a DUI, but my friend never made it home. He spent the night in the hospital and was a .32

Not a scratch on either one of us. It was scary as shit, though. God bless the safety of a Volkswagon Passat.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:56 am
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Oh boy. Aright, I'm about to leave work but I'll respond in depth a little later on.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:57 am
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I've got wicked awesome drinkin n drivin story. I'll just let my friend Chuckie tell it about his druncle.

One night he was drivin' back to his
house on I-93-- Statie pulls him over.

Guy's tryin' to walk the line--but he
can't even fuckin' stand up, and so my
uncle's gonna spend a night in jail.
Just then there's this fuckin' BOOM
like fifty yards down the road. Some
guy's car hit a tree.

Some other guy?

Yeah, he was probably drunker than my
Uncle, who fuckin' knows? So the cop
goes "Stay here" And he goes runnin'
down the highway to deal with the other
crash. So, my Uncle Marty's standin'
on the side of the road for a little
while, and he's so fuckin' lit, that
he forgets what he's waitin' for. So
he goes, "Fuck it." He gets in his
car and drives home.

Holy shit.

So in the morning, there's a knock on
the door it's the Statie. So my Uncle's
like, "Is there a problem?" And the Statie's
like "I pulled you over and you took
off." And my Uncle's like "I never
seen you before in my life, I been
home all night with my kids." And
Statie's like "Let me get in your
garage!" So he's like "All right, fine."
He takes around the garage and opens
the door --and the Statie's cruiser is
in my Uncle's garage.

No way! You're kiddin'!

No, he was so hammered that he drove
the police cruiser home. Fuckin' lights
and everything!

Did your Uncle get arrested?

The fuckin' Trooper was so embarrassed
he didn't do anything. The fuckin'
guy had been drivin' around in my Uncle's
car all night lookin' for the house.
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:03 am
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You know that's an urban legend, right?


Last edited by redball on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:35 am; edited 1 time in total
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:23 am
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remind wrote:
I hope I'm not being too insensitive to those who had something truly tragic happen to them or someone they know.

But I'll just go ahead and do it anyway!...
Post Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:30 am
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