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Why did Pat Buchanan say Vulcan?!?!
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Why did Pat Buchanan say Vulcan?!?!  Reply with quote  

I watched a documentry the other night called "Kike like me" about a guy dealing with what it means to be jewish. He get a interview with Patrick Buchanan and asks him about anti-semetic coments that he had made in a book. Pat calls the neo-con jews, Vulcans! Vulcans? Like Star Trek? Or like the ancient worship of volcano's and the life power yahwee exploding out the top so they can make burnt offerings to Saturn!

If your familiar with Jordan Maxwell, that last sentance might have made sense, but if not your probably as confused as the first time I heard him to. I try to check out every side I can to every story, and I always take every thing with a grain of salt. I remember listening to Mr. Maxwell talk about Saturn, elovators, Phenesha, and that there was no king Solomon, and being very sceptical, then I heard Pat Buchanan say Vulcan!?!?! It would apear to be a acknowledgment of a secret sociaty that's about 4 thousand years old, so why would he say Vulcan? Or maybe he ment it was the new Syler/Spock that is in contol of our government and behind all our wars, so why Vulcan?!?!? Is it the same reason that the Swiss gaurds, gaurd the Vatican City? The same reason priests and judges wear black? Or that you ELevate to a ELder through a ELection?

Out of allot of theory's I've heard I thought Jordan Maxwell was one of the more far out there and extreams of the speakers I've heard, but Vulcan?!!? Star Trek doesn't make sense, so what about ancient Phenisha where the highest god worshiped was Saturn, and his symbol was a six pointed star? Could this explain Pat Buchanans anti-semitism? Take a look at one of Maxwells lectures below on this subject if your interested, Vulcans? Really?
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