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Having arrived from my journey
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C.r.a.z.y. Is still in the show trav b00bs game.

Not my bewbs.

Post Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:47 am
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Trav you should send her an autographed headshot.
Post Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:14 am
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hahahahaha yes!

CRAZY, you are awesome, and I'm so glad you're up and mobile alabama. i'm sending you some goodies soon that should help with the LULZ + recovery.

you go girl. mmmm.
Post Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:18 am
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I lol'd at "C.R.A.Z.Y. the younger."
Post Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:21 am
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Happy to hear you are doing well, CRAZY. We still need to get that drink.
Post Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:34 am
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so...where to to keep this modest havent much time to write.

so..i got the surgery. instead of having two tumors, one really big and one little, it turned out to be one HUGE tumor that just seemed to be two on the sonogram. so they removed it and gave me a picture of the monster. it is nasty and looks about the size of a cornish hen. they said that it was the size of a 5.5 month old fetus. also, while poking around in there, they found a whole other tumor on a different organ so they got that sucker too. anyways...turmors suck and i feel for anyone who has to have them cancerous or non cancerous they suck. they pushed all my organs and nerves around and caused a bit of misery. turned out the biggin was at least 7 years in the making, and i had been complaining for some time but doctors can go fuck themselves cuz they aint all as smart as they think they are as it took them forever to be like " duh maybe it's a tumor "

anyways...i hated this because when i last had a heart procedure, the Dr. at that surgery told me i might " have future problems with anesthesia " so then i told the surgeon this time and she said that my heart might not be strong enough to with stand anesthesia for such a long surgery. they scheduled my surgery but as the date kept creeping up they still werent even sure if i could get the surgery and anesthesia. but then they decided that after some heart tests it would work. whew.

after i got out of surgery they wheeled me into a recovery room where still anesthesized, i was trying to barf, but the dumb nurse kept yelling at me that " you can't spit in the hospital! " what a fuckin cunt tart. i can't open my eyes, or even talk but she thinks i'm just trying to 'have a spit on the floor' if i could have talked i would have asked for help or a bed pan. some nurses can be so silly. it's like they forget you are a patient. i guess you could say sometimes they are not patient.

anyways then when my eyes finally cracked open like a baby bird, there was my man and my fam. and instead of saying " good to see ya " or whatever i said " you guys are too loud, you're gonna have to go " but i dont think they were even talking. so that was kind of funny and sad. but they laughed and said " awww, she's herself again! " ( n asshole )

so then they left and came back the next morning with treats n stuff. my baby brought me a dozen roses and my mom and dad some books, some hospital clothes, a figurine, a charlie pride cd and also a marty robbins cowboy's songs cd. whats really funny is that when they came back this time, and entered my room, they smelled so strongly of tobacco that i started to barf and then i told them they had to leave my room least they leave it smelling like tobacco once they left. so we had to have our visit in another room, trailing my bag of pee with me on that pole, which was funny as hell. i kicked my family out of my hospital room for stinking like cigarettes then i said when you come back tomorrow please dont smoke before you come in. it's like i am a born jerk.

anyways, i had to have a morphine drip for three or four days, and i didnt even realise i was on it at first. i asked an orderly " dont i get any pain medicine, this hurts? " he laughed and told me that i had a drip of morphine coming into my IV every so and then and that i also had a button i could push for more morphine every ten minutes if i wanted. i tried not to push it.

i laid there for the first three days just sleeping. all i could eat was lame broths and juices. my last nite there i got a real meal of substance and the next morning before i checked out i was able to eat a real breakfast and lunch. they let me out before they usually released other patients from the same surgery because they said i was doing remarkably well and quickly. i bragged to the dr that my quick release " is because i eat a lot of whole foods and organic produce and hormone free meat. LOL " i'm an ass.

anyways what i liked most was the water drip and the catheter. just being able to lay there for several days and not get up to pee once, or even drink a drink of water? awesome. water in water out. i drank more water thru a needle then i do out of a cup at home and that was pretty good for me, being so hydrated. i decided catheters rule.

the day before they let me out they removed the catheter and then i had to get up every 5 minutes to whiz because i still had the water drip which was a bitch because my stitches were in the " get up and sit down " muscles, which is why it was too hard to use a computer these last days. so the bathroom sucked after the catheter was out. hated it.

when i got released, my handsome prince came to get me in his Corvette, blasting Billy Idol just the way i like it. Anyhow... that's it, nothing wacky happened. no great tales to tell. not too remarkable. im just glad to be out and about in little ways at the moment. can't wait to ride my bike though.

the day before my surgery my family came to town and we went for dinner and groceries and when i got all my groceries they insisted on paying for them which was a great kind surprise... then i took them around mpls and they also bought me gifts at Patina and that was pretty nice too. We went to Nye's Polonaise Room for dinner and got our photo taken in the B&W photo booth, then walked on St Anthony Main over the river. while we were driving to my Pre-op, i pointed out the Roberts Shoes Store sign on Lake St cuz my parents like dope old fashioned signs just like i do, and they asked if i ever bought shoes there yet and i said no, i had been meaning to, but had been short on the cash the last few months to get the sweet shoes I wanted. So when my parents left, the next day when we made coffee, we found that my daddy had hid gift money for my shoes in the filter part of the coffee pot. lol.

the hardest part of recovering at home was coming off of the morphine and then the percocets. im still on xanax. with the way that shit made me feel coming down, it is almost not worth what good it does for you. who in the hell would ever want to be a junky!! i had a crazy coming off of drugs episode that involved me leaving home in the middle of the night in my pajamas with nothing but a gift bag full of medication, clove, black jack, and beemans gums. i got a half a block and realised i couldnt even walk n had a hole in my side n just sat down n cried. there was no way i was making the mile walk to perkins, which was a crazy lame drug addled in my pajamas idea anyway. it was funny the next day though. coming off drugs sucks. i hope they come up with some new tricks soon.

the whole time i been home i mostly laid in bed. a friend came over now and then and read me the forum or my emails. yesterday i was finally able to go out. my friend drove me to breakfast. and then on the way i stopped and got my shoes.

they look exactly like this.

anyways this is my lamest most boring post ever. i'm excited because tomorrow i will be well enough to go to my P.O. Box and get mail and some of you emailed to tell me you mailed me mail. and since i cant really go out much still, it will be nice to sit home and have some thing real and personal to read, like Zagadka's wonderful story filled get well card with the pink unicorn sticker and the awesome stamps of swears on the envelope. which made me giggle because it is against the law to send swears in the USPS. ha. i recycled the stickers to my day planner like a 90's raver so now it looks like the unicorn is drinking a lager.

anyways, i know the forum expects great stories from me, but this post has not been that whatever. i gave what i could.

later when i am well enough to ride my bike to kinkos i'm going to scan my tumor pic online if any of you still want to marvel over it's hugeness and photoshop beards on it. i asked the dr. if i could have the giganto tumor in a jar of formaldehyde. she thought i was joking, but i wasn't and then she told me they couldnt give me a " bio-hazard " to take home, not even my own tissues. i wanted to stab the shit out of the fucker for revenge. sigh. lol.

since i still feel like 1/2 crap i'm going to go back and lay down for a few more days. just thought i would check in. don't want to over do myself.

word to everyone...being sick sucks. i am totally with you if you're not feeling well. we all go thru it from time to time and it is just great to have family and friends there. it makes it so much better. i think it was T- Wrex said his mom was going thru something similar and so just wanted to say they have my positive thoughts in their direction!

...ok i'm out ...last word...did have a lot of crazy drug addled dreams these last few days and so maybe when i revisit next time i'll pick the best one and regale you with it because this post was lacking.

until then, thanks for all the get well wishes. i can't wait to get my mail tomorrow and that picture of trav's weiner i was promised. i told my boyfriend it was " coming " and he laughed really hard. LOL.

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Post Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:46 pm
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Post Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:00 pm
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the mean
Certified O.G.

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I like that the second recovery post is basically a translation of the first.

Get better quick, and post the tumor pics.
Post Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:42 pm
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Joined: 18 Feb 2008
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the mean wrote:
I like that the second recovery post is basically a translation of the first.

Get better quick, and post the tumor pics.

wow you just made me realise i am totally unoriginal and forgot i already posted half that crap anyways. drugs! i blame it on the drugs! sorry.

as for getting better quick, i guess i'm lucky because they said i'm recovering quicker then most and faster then they usually see.

eat whole foods ya'll...not from the whole foods grocery chain, i'm just sayin, foods unbroken.

thanks the mean. and one day, groody tumor picture. i promise.

when i am finally able to ride my racing bicycle then i will finally have gotten well. this i look forward to.

anyways, enough about this junk already. i'm not dead that's the fun part. luckily my heart withstood the anesthesia. that was the whole scary part, what really was worrisome. glad it's over.

but hey. we're all gonna die so whatever. but in the meantime keep it chilly. like chilly willy.

so anyways, for me it's all nap time, nothing but nap time.


Post Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:43 am
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Haha, I like how C.R.A.Z.Y always starts her posts off saying she doesn't have much time to talk or whatever and then ends up posting a novel.

Hope everything is going well for you though, and that your recovery is very speedy.
Post Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:22 am
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