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Is anyone here an anarchist?
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Alan Hague wrote:
I don't think I'm a Leninist, but I agree with a good deal of Marx that I've read. Chomsky, as well. I don't think the reorganization of society is impossible or completely idealist, but it would take a tremendous amount of education first, then hard work.

Marx couldn't haven't predicted everything with the transformation of society either on the communist or capitalist ends, but his general intellect theory accounts for some of the information society. Could technocrats (for lack of a better word) be the new proletariat? Probably not, but they definitely play a role. Its not only individual nations but communities/cultures who should decide for themselves what the alternative would be while remaining connected to other resistances. I know some leftists who see culture like religion- counterrevolutionary- but that to me signifies that Marxism can be just as much a colonizing project as capitalism.

Popular education and hard work-yes. Its difficult because we are still attached the comforts relative to total immiseration, even as where are being converted into immiserated working class. After working long or odd hours at a meaningless insecure job in the "flexible labor" market, I'd rather go watch a movie or have a drink than do political work.

Someone posted here a video of that anarchist MMA fighter. All I remember was that the interviewer was reactionary and condescending, and at the end jeff monson shook his head in disbelief when the interviewer was like "fight the power bro."
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