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My last SFR order
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My last SFR order  Reply with quote  

So I received my order from the SFR store today. Is that in itself worth posting about? Yes, yes it is.

This is my second order and both experiences have left me very pleasantly surprised - to the point where I feel the least I can do is spread the good word in return!

I ordered 5 days ago (3 excluding the weekend). I live in the UK and it arrived today despite the fact that the shipping cost was more than fair and the same order with a UK based online store would probably still not be here yet. Maybe those of you living in countries with a competent postal system might not appreciate this, but I was amazed at the speed the guys processed my order.

Free stuff!
Stickers, poster, fliers.. a nice little pile of freebies- and who doesnt like free stuff!

The personal touch
When deciding to order Sick of Wasting the fact that it was signed was a great incentive, what I didnt expect was that my copy of the Non Prophets CD would come signed too! I don't know if I just got lucky or its a regular thing but I certainly wouldnt expect it. The suprise of finding one of my favorite albums arrive signed by the artist really made my day - and you cant put a price on that. Which brings me to...

My last purchase was to pre-order Human the Death Dance, the price of the pre-order combined with shipping to the UK was somehow cheaper than ordering the CD from a UK music store. Oh, and did I mention that it also came with a bonus cd, signed poster, etc, etc? I can't think of a single reason to NOT order direct from the SFR store despite the fact that its on the other side of the world.

At this point I should probably make a confession - I'm a prolific downloader. I get acquainted with Sage and many of my other now-favourite artists by getting their albums off the internet for free. My philosophy has always been try before you buy, especially given the (lack of) quality in much of todays music, but I also firmly believe good artists deserve your support. My first Sage purchase was Human the Death Dance, his first release since I really became aware of his music, and based on my experience with that (excellent service and an awesome album) I cant see why anyone wouldnt support an artist - especially an independent artist - by buying their music. You get it cheaper, or atleast for a fair price considering, and I assume the artist makes a larger cut from the sale too. Everybody wins.

I'm slowly filling out my back catalogue, and with service like this there is no excuse not to. On a side note its nice to see that the packaging for one of my favorite albums does the music justice - the Non Prophets artwork is amazing and pictures really can't do it justice, just one more reason to buy a physical copy!

Keep putting out quality products and I'll keep supporting, peace.


p.s the dates are a bit out because of the time it took to get myspace working and register here after writing this post.. why anyone still actually uses that outside of blatant promotion is beyond me.

p.s.s isn't it about time you toured the UK again? just saying..
Post Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:29 pm
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