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Sage in Atlanta GA February 1
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Sage in Atlanta GA February 1  Reply with quote  

First off, thanks to Emily, Sage Francis, and Gruvis Malt for bringing us a night that makes a flame burning in our heart only grow stronger. Such knowledge and talent was expressed there in so many ways. If you were there, then you know what I'm saying, but if any of you missed it, then you better ask somebody! It's the next morning now, and I'm still high from the levels that I was taken to by their music and lyrics. Did anyone record this or got digital pics done already or something? A fun and enriching experience for us all.

Gruvis Malt jumped on the stage, a little late, but the place was just starting to get filled up. Finally it was packed out and school was in session. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do so much with a little kids casio keyboard, beatboxing skills, and a hormonica. Then, Sage blessed us with his words in songs we all know crack pipes, broken wings, smoke and mirrors. The whole set was started with a great poem about the state of the day that went into makeshift patriot, and he didn't stop flowing from there. His words were fluid until the last jam with even more beatboxing in the sound of Strange Famous. Kustomer service finished it up reminding everyone of who better watch out for from atlanta next. Unfortunately the night ended and we all had to go home. Fun Times!

He got on at 11:30 and played until 2:30am, and raged atlanta the way it should have. I heard that they had to be up at like 8am to /drive/ to florida. Something like a 6 hour drive! These guys are having to do a crazy tour in a van, give them props because they deserve it. You people in Florida are in for a great show!
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I was also at the atlanta show at the Somber Reptile and the only thing i can say is wow. the show was absolutely amazing.i couldnt do anything besides just vibe with the music sing the words i know and be mesmerized by Sage's words. It was truly an experience. The man who played before him was also very good i bought his CD, its called CR Avery and ive been lsitening to it and sage ever since. startng off with makeshift patriot was powerful followed by my favorite songs like specialists, narcissists, runaways. i cant say enough sage thanks for coming to atlanta and make sure you get back here.
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