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son of Megachruch's pastor arrested 4 indecent exposure
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Mikal kHill wrote:
Wasn't TD Jakes the guy who said he was homosexual, but "cured?"


No. You're thinking of a white guy, Ted Haggard. Or maybe of Donnie McClurkin, the gospel singer who got Obama into some trouble.
Post Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:28 am
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AdamBomb wrote:
If a dude wants to beat it in the forest, well that's his gosh dern American right. Even if its just for a few seconds.

Not if he's trying to 1) elicit someone else into entering said beat session, and 2) someone see's him and is offended enough to call the cops. Indecent exposure could carry mandatory enrollment on the sex offender registry, so I'd keep it tucked until you're safe at home.
Post Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:33 am
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