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It's ilegal to take a photograph of a policeman in the UK.
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Seamus Ignoramus

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mancabbage wrote:
Anyone seen the "BEWARE OF PEOPLE TAKING PHOTOS THEY COULD BE TRAITORS!!!!!!" posters on the tube? Fucking odd.

I saw a lot of this sort of stuff all over the place the last time I was in the UK, about a year and a half ago. It was all very noticable to me (compared to my last visit before that), and I have no desire to return to the place to be honest.

They do this thing in the airport - which is unique to the UK as far as I know - where they photograph you when you're checking in, and then they compare the photo to your face later on before you get on the plane, to make sure you haven't shapeshifted or whatever.
My friend requested a copy of this photo, saying he needed it "for my security," but they wouldn't give him a copy, nor were they amused.

Maybe it's just me, but I felt like a lot of these "security procedures" were in place to remind you who your daddy is rather than for any practical purpose.
Post Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:16 am
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english bob wrote:
eah, this law is fucked up.. but it's been around for months hasn't it(?) so it's not just based on the recent events (i.e. G20).

The G20 event was planned for months so it wouldn't surprise me if it were related. I wonder how many people were arrested for filming or had their cameras taken away from them.


is this type of law in effect in other countries too? i took a photo of some fully kitted out riot police in paris on their way to a demonstration last year and he started talking some shit to me which came across like 'if you take my photo again, i'll kill you'. so i didn't. but i assumed it was just his personal beef, not the law.

I've been told (very angry so) that I'm not allowed to film police officers on public property by police on many occasions even though it's not true AT ALL. One time I was filming a cop and he said that he would confiscate my camera if I didn't stop filming. 15 minutes later his superior showed up and told him that I was in fact allowed to film anything I want on public property. It felt really good hearing that POS pig told what's what.

The scary thing about that though is that either the pig didn't know the law properly or he was fucking lying. Either scenario is fucked if you ask me.
Post Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:13 am
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