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An email Deerflesh sent me a lWHILE ago in regards to 9/11
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An email Deerflesh sent me a lWHILE ago in regards to 9/11  Reply with quote  

"it can't be left alone...i started out in the school of journalism here at indiana university, declared one of the best schools of journalism in the first class taught us the history of journalism in america, but that was all too quickly torn apart when our teacher invited harry allen (of public enemy camp) to speak to our class...the hero who came out of our school of journalism was ernie pyle, a famous WWII journalist who died in the line of duty...Obviously WWII was not like the first great war...this was not a battle of trench warfare, it was now intense and highly organized blitz krieg attacks on the air and ground and on many major cities as was going to be another war that left a generation of soldiers in silence once they returned to the states...that silence started with ernie pyle: a man paid to travel overseas in order to report back to the us about how the war was moving along...what americans would want to hear of a bloody war in which american lives were being lost on both fronts?...there, was the truth of war being painted black from the beginning...this real war was, of course, what he was supposed to silence...this amount of death by far surpassed patriotism on any level...and as he did his job, he helped create a generation of misunderstood men who would be welcomed back to the states, go back to work, and never have their true pain unmasked from under the american people's perceptions of war...ernie pyle was killed on the pacific front by what he was attempting to cover when he was shot in the head by enemy fire...this had no effect on his words...we have grown to accept the passive voice of the media...mistakes were made!...we just sit back and take it...they make the enemy and we love it...we trust them to the point to where hiroshima was made to be a no brainer and america would have demanded an explanation if we wouldn't have destroyed the world with our great invention...i know this is not WWII, but the parallels are too great and i think about it every day...i am going to graduate in a year with the title of a historian (i swear i am not bragging...all it means is i paid attention in class for a couple of years), but i will never be able to comprehend so many things; why we accept their enemy, why we kill, and why we are killed...(there is plenty more i won't know or comprehend as well)...back to harry the time he was a refreshing voice...he talked to us about black's representation in the media, he talked about the media having a vertical perception of the world never seeing things all the way across, and he made an extended metaphor about the show "change of heart" in talking about the trash we take into our heads...he was not a passive voice...his words seemed to be honest and reached all across the board...really, he was simply not a man with styled eyebrows behind a desk with a mic attached to his brother was once interviewed for the news for a story about graffiti...they took a great interest in one of his webpages and were quite excited about the art form...come 5pm, their story had changed into a one sided tale of the destruction of our city as the reporter stood in front of a computer generated graphic of a swastika painted on a brick wall that now represented my brother and all of my relatives who were killed by the nazis in WWII...after talking to the reporter on the phone for over an hour, her apology to me (and my whole family...ha...i yelled at her for a while) still meant too little as she could not understand the depths to which her words shaped the world or at least kept it stagnant...on september 11, i appreciated tom brokaw...i needed to hear him and like the majority of america i watched the news for days just waiting to hear something, anything at all that would somehow help..."
Post Mon Jul 01, 2002 11:08 pm
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whip cream dollup  Reply with quote  

deerflesh was my roommate last year and i remember when he sent that to you. he sums up how i felt about 9/11 to a 'T'. i like dan rather more than brokaw, though. where you been, flesh?
Post Tue Jul 02, 2002 7:15 pm
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