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Just returned home from the Washington DC protest. Wow.
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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Just returned home from the Washington DC protest. Wow.  Reply with quote  

I have so much to say.

this is one of those moments that if I get the words rolling I don't know when or where I will stop.


let me just say this (for now):

We arrived in DC at 10:30 AM. Listened to speeches on the Mall. The crowd grew bigger and bigger until I couldn't see it end on either side of me.
We marched the streets in the freezing cold. FREEZING. We hooted, hollared, chanted, and Police were accepting of our presence. No violence. No outbreaks. Hundreds of thousands of people. While taking a break during the march I stood on the side of the street and spotted XXI (the webmaster of this site!!!) That was interesting. I also spotted a woman I worked with at Ben and Jerry's (Ben and Jerry's was also there in full force giving out free icecream and supporting the protest.) They should have hot chocolate or something, but I'm not complaining.

By the time the March reached the Naval Base it was time for us to find our buses and go home. Our buses got we waiting on the frigid, moon-lit street corner of M and New Jersey Ave for over and hour. To keep people entertained (and to keep their minds off of the digusting temperature)I grabbed random picket signs and freestyled about them. I ended up rocking some dude in the face with a huge banner...and I pricked my finger on a staple sticking out of one of the picket signs. This was the most violence any of us witnessed on this day. And it was because of me. Thank you. Thank you.

We eventually got picked up by our bus. The RI organizer came on our bus and made an announcement that "500,000 people attended this protest. We made history...and we may have a hand in stopping this war from happening." I thought to myself, "Damn...500,000 people?"
I wouldn't even know how to guage a figure like that upon looking at a group of people. I have a hard time telling the difference between 500 and 1000 people at a show. But I do know that this crowd of people went on for miles.

We arrived in Providence at 5 AM. Turned on CNN to see them report, "At least 10,000 showed up to protest at DC today in protest of the war."


Sorry, Charlie. That is some bullshit reporting. A serious downscale of what actually happened. And the fact that hundreds of thousands of people attended this protest due to their digust of our country's representation WHILE remaining peaceful the entire time should have gotten a little more resect than it did. Oh well. There's no place to move from here for place pretty at least. The people have spoken. The people have banded together. The people have made their statement. We will not be ignored.

not by the govt.

not by the media.

our message and our demands will not be ignored.

what are you doing?
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 11:36 am
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Awww mn

Joined: 03 Jul 2002
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iit feels damn good to be active doesn't it?  Reply with quote  

the one in San francisco was a lot bigger than the last one, and Market St is so piddly to accomodate 200,000 people so the marching was slow as mollasses. Martin Sheen was up in the heezy though. He's got a history of civil disobedience but i admit that even though I am baffled by his Visa commercials, high profiile celebrities get media attentiion.

i'm gonna repost the pics i took

and here is a gallery of the last A.N.S.W.E.R. Demo on 10/26/01
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 11:45 am
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Awww mn

Joined: 03 Jul 2002
Posts: 2511
Location: barbary coast
not mine, but wow  Reply with quote  

Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 12:13 pm
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tom inhaler
me too!

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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Location: providence
...  Reply with quote  

i saw you on the side of the street sage.. nice sign :) i got a picture of it if you want to see it.

the protest was amazing. we got there at 7, walked around to find some food, got back to the mall around 9. my friends set up shop, as they are members of a socialist group (the workers international league), and i helped them pass out flyers, sell copies of their paper, etc etc. jesse jackson spoke, and did his "keep hope alive" speech, which was excellent, powerful, all of that. it was hard to hear, because there were a couple of drum circles going, but it was still nice. then we started to march, and i marched behind my friend's "no war but the class war" banner. i filmed a lot of the march, and i think the best part of it is how the different chants, songs, whatever all sort of flow into each other. personal favorites were "bush, you liar, we'll set your ass on fire!" and a long call-response type thing by a veteran who is anti war. ended up in front of the navy yard, got some food at dominos, and called my parents from 7-11 to tell them that i wasn't dead/arrested/maimed. they were happy to hear that.

i'm happy there were only two arrests (one for graffiti.. fuck that!)... one of the best things i saw was this guy trying to climb up on top of a building, where cops were, to take a picture. the cop told him to get down, so the guy took a picture of the cop, right in is face. send it to pulitzer goddammit! anyhow.. there must have been at least 200,000 people there. last time i checked (which was 3am after the bus got home), they thought 30,000, but the police weren't providing any official estimates.

next up is NYC on february 15th... i hope to see some of you there!
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 1:13 pm
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August Spies

Joined: 09 Aug 2002
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Location: D.C.
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The best signs/slogans I saw:

We have always been at war with Oceania- good reference

Drop Tuition! Not Bombs!- if you went to school in DC youd understand

Eat some more pretzels fucker- I didn't actually see this, but it looks great

who elected this fucker?- haha, I just think thats funny
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 1:24 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
Posts: 21790
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Message from Manic:

no voice left

it is still bouncing around
between the walls of the buildings

on new jersey avenue

no sound remains,
but a satisfied smile ripple

is perma-planted
got home at like 6:30am

we had 500 000 strong;

it doesn't matter how much
will be tallied

or underscored
or sullied or downplayed

half a million activist's

from all over the world to say
"i hate this, please don't.";

chance meetings, understanding,

connection of like organizations
that never heard of one

another, singing, dancing, crying,
screaming, & no violence.


whether you accept it or not,
yesterday was a victory.

ripples uncountable are
headed for shore...


ps- slam at as220 this thursday.

*please email me if any of you want off my list!
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 1:40 pm
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Joined: 03 Sep 2002
Posts: 117
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wow. that freestyling musta blew a few people's minds no doubt. nice to see some people don't just say things on record. props.
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:10 pm
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Joined: 18 Jan 2003
Posts: 16
Thought this might be appropriate  Reply with quote  

This is about Sept 11 . . . but I still thought you all would like to read it.
Brace urselves its really long........................................ but well worth it.

self evident

us people are just poems
we're 90% metaphor
with a leanness of meaning
approaching hyper-distillation
and once upon a time
we were moonshine
rushing down the throat of a giraffe
yes, rushing down the long hallway
despite what the p.a. announcement says
yes, rushing down the long stairs
with the whiskey of eternity
fermented and distilled
to eighteen minutes
burning down our throats
down the hall
down the stairs
in a building so tall
that it will always be there
yes, it's part of a pair
there on the bow of noah's ark
the most prestigious couple
just kickin back parked
against a perfectly blue sky
on a morning beatific
in its indian summer breeze
on the day that america
fell to its knees
after strutting around for a century
without saying thank you
or please

and the shock was subsonic
and the smoke was deafening
between the setup and the punch line
cuz we were all on time for work that day
we all boarded that plane for to fly
and then while the fires were raging
we all climbed up on the windowsill
and then we all held hands
and jumped into the sky

and every borough looked up when it heard the first blast
and then every dumb action movie was summarily surpassed
and the exodus uptown by foot and motorcar
looked more like war than anything i've seen so far
so far
so far
so fierce and ingenious
a poetic specter so far gone
that every jackass newscaster was struck dumb and stumbling
over 'oh my god' and 'this is unbelievable' and on and on
and i'll tell you what, while we're at it
you can keep the pentagon
keep the propaganda
keep each and every tv
that's been trying to convince me
to participate
in some prep school punk's plan to perpetuate retribution
perpetuate retribution
even as the blue toxic smoke of our lesson in retribution
is still hanging in the air
and there's ash on our shoes
and there's ash in our hair
and there's a fine silt on every mantle
from hell's kitchen to brooklyn
and the streets are full of stories
sudden twists and near misses
and soon every open bar is crammed to the rafters
with tales of narrowly averted disasters
and the whiskey is flowin
like never before
as all over the country
folks just shake their heads
and pour

so here's a toast to all the folks who live in palestine

el salvador

here's a toast to the folks living on the pine ridge reservation
under the stone cold gaze of mt. rushmore

here's a toast to all those nurses and doctors
who daily provide women with a choice
who stand down a threat the size of oklahoma city
just to listen to a young woman's voice

here's a toast to all the folks on death row right now
awaiting the executioner's guillotine
who are shackled there with dread and can only escape into their heads
to find peace in the form of a dream

cuz take away our playstations
and we are a third world nation
under the thumb of some blue blood royal son
who stole the oval office and that phony election
i mean
it don't take a weatherman
to look around and see the weather
jeb said he'd deliver florida, folks
and boy did he ever

[b]and we hold these truths to be self evident:
#1 george w. bush is not president
#2 america is not a true democracy
#3 the media is not fooling me
cuz i am a poem heeding hyper-distillation
i've got no room for a lie so verbose
i'm looking out over my whole human family
and i'm raising my glass in a toast

here's to our last drink of fossil fuels
let us vow to get off of this sauce
shoo away the swarms of commuter planes
and find that train ticket we lost
cuz once upon a time the line followed the river
and peeked into all the backyards
and the laundry was waving
the graffiti was teasing us
from brick walls and bridges
we were rolling over ridges
through valleys
under stars
i dream of touring like duke ellington
in my own railroad car
i dream of waiting on the tall blonde wooden benches
in a grand station aglow with grace
and then standing out on the platform
and feeling the air on my face

give back the night its distant whistle
give the darkness back its soul
give the big oil companies the finger finally
and relearn how to rock-n-roll
yes, the lessons are all around us and a change is waiting there
so it's time to pick through the rubble, clean the streets
and clear the air
get our government to pull its big dick out of the sand
of someone else's desert
put it back in its pants
and quit the hypocritical chants of
freedom forever

cuz when one lone phone rang
in two thousand and one
at ten after nine
on nine one one
which is the number we all called
when that lone phone rang right off the wall
right off our desk and down the long hall
down the long stairs
in a building so tall
that the whole world turned
just to watch it fall

and while we're at it
remember the first time around?
the bomb?
the ryder truck?
the parking garage?
the princess that didn't even feel the pea?
remember joking around in our apartment on avenue D?

can you imagine how many paper coffee cups would have to change their design
following a fantastical reversal of the new york skyline?!

it was a joke, of course
it was a joke
at the time
and that was just a few years ago
so let the record show
that the FBI was all over that case
that the plot was obvious and in everybody's face
and scoping that scene
the CIA
or is it KGB?
committing countless crimes against humanity
with this kind of eventuality
as its excuse
for abuse after expensive abuse
and it didn't have a clue
look, another window to see through
way up here
on the 104th floor
another key
another door
10% literal
90% metaphor
3000 some poems disguised as people
on an almost too perfect day
should be more than pawns
in some asshole's passion play
so now it's your job
and it's my job
to make it that way
to make sure they didn't die in vain
baby listen
hear the train?
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:30 pm
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Joined: 19 Jul 2002
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The NY Times said that "Chumbawumba" performed....

I guess its cool that they're against the war.
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:30 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
Posts: 21790
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here's an eamil I recieved just one minute ago from a man I know and bumped into during the protest yesterday:


Did you see how the NYTimes (and god knows who else)
reported that "tens of thousands of people" came out
yesterday. I heard that it was estimated at half a
million (which MAY be high but is still drastically
different from "tens of thousands"). This really
pisses me off because they misrepresented the last
MARCH (Oct. 26th) the same way. and then had to issue
a correction.

Anyway, it was cool to bump into you there. Thanks for
the sign. With so many forces working against us, we
need to all do our parts to keep the scale of US
antiwar sentiment visible. tell a friend.


Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:38 pm
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Joined: 01 Jul 2002
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this article says the organizers estimated it at 200,000 but CNN still leads off the very same article saying tens of thousands without saying where that figure came from.
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:43 pm
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I couldn't make it to DC, but I was filled with such hope to see the thousands and thousands of people that turned out. I was trying to estimate myself how many people were there since during my entire viewing not once did I hear a report on an actual count. The media should really show aereal views of these things...would be so much truer to what it was actually like there than the small span of a camera on the ground watching the march go past.
500,000 people....incredible.
I was in Central Park, ny on October 26 and before we left someone had announced that we were close to 80,000 people strong. When we came home, Fox said 20,000, i think CNN said 50,000, and all the other news spots were such small bits they're not even worth mentioning. It was disheartening that the numbers were dwarfed, but the important thing is that the people that were there knew the truth, and thousands of connections were made between people and organizations, links and messages that people could take home with them to continue the protesting long after the protest was over. For me, just the enormous amount of people from every race, age, and walk of life did so much to make me actually try to spread the message despite the deaf ears it had fallen on in the past.
This kinda pissed me off, but their stupidity was kinda funny too. On CNN they showed a small crowd of anti-protest people along side the march that were yelling "how much did Sadaim pay you?" one asshole was on a bullhorn chanting "swim to cuba" what the fuck is that suppossed to mean??

inhaler/the cat, what's the info for Feb 15th? I'll be there...
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:47 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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there were cameras taking aerial shots.

but all i have seen on tv is ground shots of a few people walking by with their signs.

I really can not have this. It's a bit too much for me to digest right now.
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 3:10 pm
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Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 4:04 pm
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Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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i've just seen a story on fox news about this..... the reporter said something about 'a rapper' saying something about it and i expected it to show sage but it shown some random guy spitting some good lyrics about what was going on regarding the march..... and the number of people who attended was a lot lower in their report as well......
Post Sun Jan 19, 2003 4:09 pm
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