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Buck 65 canadian radio interview this wed. And more
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Buck 65 canadian radio interview this wed. And more  Reply with quote  

The Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show will be interviewing Buck 65 this Wednesday morning. If you can't tune in live at 8:05 am on 93.3 FM or to hear this interview with Buck 65, you can listen to it for up to 30 days here:

Here is an interview Vich did with Buck 65 for

“It really is a wonderful thing,” Terfry says blissfully. “When it comes right down to it, it’s nice to have a job and a roof over your head. But, in the final analysis, what’s more important and more fulfilling for a person in their time on earth than love? Finding that person to share all of that good stuff with? You know darn well what you’d do if ever faced with one of those weird, hypothetical scenarios where you have to choose between that great love and that cheque or whatever you’re chasing.”

But Terfry’s not just over the moon about his new ladyfriend Emily—you can feel the warmth all over his latest record 'Situation,' an indisputable return to his first true love: hip-hop.

A chameleon and culture sponge by nature, Terfry has staked out a unique place for himself artistically, drawing inspiration from Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Keith just as easily as Woody Guthrie and Tom Waits.

Always innovative within the fundamentals of hip-hop, he literally disavowed the genre in the early part of this decade after feeling out of place in the culture and, worse still, growing disenchanted with the music himself. Far from gangsta posturing and hot beats, Buck 65 began crafting more abstract sounds and poetry—connecting hip-hop to free-spirited folk, vaudevillian spectacle and jarring post-rock—and the experience left him alienated, self-conscious about whatever street cred he'd accumulated in underground hip-hop circles over the years.

“A lot of my beliefs and expectations about the music remain the same—there’s still a lot of things about it that make me sick, that break my heart, but it’s like any relationship. For any two people who’ve been in love for a long time, there’s an equal measure of hatred that goes on there.”

With 'Situation,' he’s hooked up with his old DJ pupil Skratch Bastid (a.k.a. Paul Murphy) to make a classic hip-hop record that pulses with joy and clarity of purpose.

“I had a personal renaissance, a renewed love affair, not just with hip-hop itself,” Terfry says. “I still go through my same ups and downs and have my same criticisms. [Besides], if a record like 'Situation' can be seen as a ‘return to hip-hop,’ it’s still hip-hop as seen by me. This record does not sound like a Lil Wayne record. Even if I tried to make a record like that, it’d come out sounding like something else altogether."

Throughout his career, Terfry has written from a deeply personal perspective making his records powerfully candid and moody. With its loose theme about the significance of 1957 as a watershed year in historical and cultural terms (i.e. the dawn of the Situationist International, the Cold War, Elvis, Bettie Page, the Beat generation, China’s Great Leap Forward, etc.), 'Situation' may be the most impersonal effort yet for Buck 65—the record that tells us the least about his wanting desires and battered heart. But while Terfry acknowledges he’s more distant this time around, he also sees his muse in a different light.

“Love is joyous and wonderful and beautiful. It’s also agony at times, real misery,” he says. “I just generally feel more emotional and it’s always been emotion in one form or another that has drawn me to expression. To go beyond that and get more personal, you meet a person and you take an interest in their whole life—what they’re interested in, what their pursuits are. My better half is a real bookworm with a background in art and art history. When I’m visiting her, I’ll actually go to school with her. So lately, when I’m able to, I’ve been attending classes on the Italian High Renaissance. I’ve been going to classes on film noir and cinematography and I’m learning things. I’m watching a new noir masterpiece every week and it’s inspiring me. I’m learning about Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael, and all of these important figures and it’s really feeding me. It’s got me turned on.

“When I look back, I’m gonna see how it inspired me and think, ‘If it wasn’t for Emily, that song might never have happened.’”

However analytical and self-aware, Buck 65 is a hopeless romantic. It’s a side of him that filters through his darkest material and, in discussing his current mindset, he reveals a particularly balanced perspective.

“I’m a big fan of Lucinda Williams and people have said that she writes a great record when her heart is broken,” Terfry says. “I can appreciate that but it definitely works on both sides—tragedy has always been a big thing for me and even new love can sometimes have a real misery that goes along with it. Even when times are really great, I’ll still be coming up with sad songs. [However] writing from a place of joy helps—it’s a cliché, but being in love changes the way you see everything. Even a junkyard looks really beautiful.”

Like many starry-eyed musicians before him, Terfry must leave romance behind for a world tour. Crafty as ever though, he's coordinated the European leg to coincide with a study-abroad assignment for Emily, so the two can meet for an extended stay in Paris when his own work is done. Even this seemingly minor scheduling matter is an inspired decision made by a man determined to balance his love life with the life he loves.

"My love for what I'm doing is only getting stronger every day and heck, the road is calling," Terfry says finally. "That's where my life is and that'll never change. That's a really uncomplicated world out there and so, I'll just keep making records and go from city to city playing them for people."
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