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My First Sage Concert, Providence Lupos 7/13
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My First Sage Concert, Providence Lupos 7/13  Reply with quote  

My self and 5 other noob sage concert goers all gathered to see the man him self.

First Lupo's has upgraded a little bit, new lights, new counters for the bar and quickly noticed the larger presents of security...they actually had security in the men's room...I guess to insure dicks don't go a muck?

Anyhow we all showed up early stood in front of the merch table near the bar, purchased a heart shirt..was going for the Hoodie but didn't have enough cash flow for it.. I said hey to Buck 65, saw a picture of him once, seemed like a layed back guy..digged the doo.
After I purchased the shirt I went back to the bar area and heard a thump and a crash...Looked around to find a poor lady on the floor, looks like she tripped on the step up to the bar/merch platform (which by the way is fucking stupid)..I sat my drink down to go help her until two security gents ran over to help her up...I felt bad and also weirded out on why is she at a Sage show???....
Then it hit me when I saw Sage (My first ever Sage sighting) assist her 5 minutes later to the VIP booth...must of been his gr amps.

Now its time to get close to the stage...and in good time cause Buddy walks on...
First..this is the first ever spoken words performance I have ever seen in my life....that was good..I seen some local acts that performed and coffee shops...nothing like Buddy..his energy was so powering it made me jump for Joy..his eye's and piercing it made me cry for mercy...he stole the show...hands down!!...and it only started. I need to buy his cd..the one on STRANGE FAMOUS a good one to start with?

Alias...never heard any of his music other than beats for Sage...I thought he was an awesome performer, his WACK MC bit killed me "but wack mc, we went thru this before..I am Alias from anticon"..too good..
The only issue I had was since I never heard any of his music and his tempo of lyrics are to fast for this white boy to catch..I couldn't fall into a groove..

Buck 65..Probably the best Cana..errr Nova scotian mc I ever saw, or knew of..possibly the best with a mullet at least...but his lyrics and beats are funky as hell..Centaur was great, was his neck really hurt?

Sage...Love you bro..your connection with the crowd is amazing, I think we locked eyes a few times...made my day..your lyrics and how clear they where over the beats where tops..which I have to give props to Alias, Inhaler and the very talented and heart breaker Dilly Dilly.
I think climb trees was my favorite out of the entire show (CLIMB FASTER NOW!!!) Bridle was a surprise to me and my friend Dillon who went ape shit on the dance floor when he heard it come on. great mix of new and old songs, made the best out of the fucking shitty mike cable you had.

I was only disappointed I did not see evil knievel perform.

Overall great show, great lineup great crowd beautiful night..
Post Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:13 pm
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Blackstone Valley

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Buddy's SFR release is a wonderful place to start, for he is a killer in sheep's clothing.
Post Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:56 am
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i type like i'm having a seizure.

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First, I hope this posts right, im not good a figuring these message boards out......

Regarding the performance - Great set, glad they got rid of the clickty clack remix and glad they added lie detector test even though they changed the beat up a bit.

the sound up front, similar to Sage's mike, was not good, I thought the Middle east had much much better sound. But I was also at the very edge of the stage so maybe that had something to do with it.

But the product is something incredible, the 4 of them make just an incredibly talented group, its too bad that there are no more local shows.

Those shows were some of the greatest shows I have ever been to, hopefully someone had the brains to get them on video, because who knows if that lineup will ever perform together again.

Regarding the stairs all over lupos - they are brutal, I almost killed myself as well my ankle is still fuct today from them.

But overall I agree with you it was a beautiful night
Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 3:08 pm
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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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This was the best performance I've ever had in my home state.
Post Sat Jul 21, 2007 3:46 pm
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