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Sage Francis
Self Fighteous

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"Human the Death Dance" is the long-awaited fourth full-length record from legendary alt.rapper Sage Francis, a man who has garnered more than his fair share of praise over the years. Since his solo debut on the hugely respected Anticon label he has become something of a household name in the world of forward thinking hiphop music, and this album is possibly his most inventive yet, taking our preconceptions of what hiphop is and flipping them over entirely. Francis has always had a keen ear for production, but on 'Human the Death Dance' his list of producers is more intriguing than it's ever been - we've got beats from Sixtoo, Alias, Buck 65, Odd Nosdam, Reanimator, Ant and strangest of all, legendary soundtrack composer Mark Isham. Yep he's the guy who did the Crash soundtrack - and here he writes his token haunting cinematic ambience and allows Sage Francis the opportunity to rhyme over the top. Needless to say the two Isham-produced tracks ('Waterline' and 'Good Fashion') are the album's clear highlights, and this kind of forward thinking is exactly what the rotting corpse that is underground rap music needs right now. Elsewhere we hear the honeyed vocals of smoky jazz-girl Jolie Holland popping up for light relief amongst the inherent darkness of Francis's delivery and content - something that would likely be frowned upon in the credible hiphop fraternity but I welcome with open arms. With top notch production from beginning to end, squeezing the absolute best out of his producers (the Alias beats are his best for years!) this is probably Francis' best work since, 'Personal Journals' and shows that this is the rare case of a rapper who can totally transcend the genre altogether. Awesome stuff.
Post Sat Jun 30, 2007 8:05 pm
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