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Drinking bleach, gas or whatever else I might be faced with in a given situation.

Drinking bleach? I can't even ponder what kind of fucked up scenerio you'd have to take part in to resort to that...(haha, I'm briefly reminded of the dude with the clorox fetish on The Cell.... talk about hot action)

Anyone here have a phobia of broken lightbulbs?? haha, something about imploding razor shards just doesn't sound humanitary.. damn vaccum chambers, o_O
Post Tue Jul 16, 2002 4:10 am
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I've always had a problem with picturing something unappealing, and then having trouble exorcising the mental image. Like there was some picture I saw in National Geographic or something, I don't know where I saw it really as it was many years ago now, of a woman in some variety of tribal garb. All I remember is her breasts, because the nipples were enormous in the strangest way... they looked like small banana halves... I hated it. I can see it right now, clear as day, describing it. Nothing I could think about would take my mind off it when I was in like junior high.

Here's an even weirder one (I think) - I would get a short animation loop of two black and white cartoon characters dancing with one another caught in there. I don't think I can explain it effectively, except that there was something about the animation style that really irritated me. They had thos heavy gray eyelids like early early disney... picturing it now, it doesn't bug me anymore.

Thanks, you've cured me!

...fuckin banana tits...
Post Tue Jul 16, 2002 5:52 am
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