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Joined: 02 Jul 2002
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Location: privileged homeless
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I'm 23. I've had two girlfriends in my life at the most, but I'll let you jusdge for yourself whether the first one counts.

I was sixteen, she was twenty-two. I had a paper route, she had two kids (4 and 7) and an ex-husband. We met on a Halifax BBS (this is back when dial-up BBSes were way more popular than the internet). The whole time we were "going out", which was only two months but seemed like a long time then, we only met in person once. We wrote long e-mails and spent endless hours on the phone. We had nothing in common. We had a lot of phone sex. I mostly listened. I spent more time with her after we "broke up" and we were extremely close. I haven't heard from her since I moved out my mother's house. I don't think she has the same phone number. I sang to her when she had a broken jaw... she said it made her feel better. I loved her.

Today I'm with a girl named Melissa. We've been together for six years. We also met on a local BBS. She's beautiful and brilliant and thoroughly unique. People think she's aloof sometimes because she doesn't jump into conversation often, or with much volume. We moved out together two years ago. She saves my irresponsible ass. We love to watch anime and Buffy the Vampire Slayer together. She usually focuses on the lyrical aspect of any music, but a notable exception is Portishead, which moves her elementally on the strength of its sonic qualities. I used to put on DJ Shadow kinda loud when we would make out in my room when I lived at home. At her house, we listened to Jewel's first album.

I was in a band called Yeshe13 for like four years. We were amazing, but we couldn't finish a song. Everything was a work in progress. We drifted. I haven't played the drums in six months. I started playing the drums when I was twelve. I never practised enough, and I never got very good. I had heart, though. Some of the music we worked on was so beautiful, I cry when I listen to our practise tapes. Andy Social and Jeannie ("The Jeannious") were the other stalwarts in the band. Andy started out as keyboards (farfisa, rhodes) but branched into guitar and trumpet. Jeannie would sing. Andy's belly is the most fascinatingly soft, smooth, hard surface I've ever touched. Jeannie is an absolutely stunning beauty. They each have unique internal mental processes. They're not like other people. They thoroughly enrich my life when we're a band. I need to get back on the drumstool.

I love my family. My mother grew up poor in Halifax housing projects. My father grew up in suburban Alberta. They both have degrees in English and education. Neither teaches. They've provided me and my two younger sisters with a solid middle class lifestyle by running their own business, which is called Record Research but has nothing to do with d.i.t.c. Melissa's worked for them for three years. I've worked for them for six or seven months. My father was in the business for over twenty years before he got fed up and taught himself certain computer skills neccessary to becoming a freelance database programmer. Now he works on long contracts away from home. I've barely seen him in two years. We exchange sporadic, warm emails. My mother is my boss, and she's very considerate. My older younger sister, Maggie, is a fledgeling hairdresser/stylist. My younger younger sister, Rosemary, is a grade 8 student. Both are talented singers and instrumentalists, as well as graphic artists. Rosie and I look like our mother. Maggie looks like our dad. Everyone outside the family thinks we all look the same. Our family loves The Stupids. Everyone outside the family thinks it was the dumbest movie they never saw. We're smart, literate, sensitive and hilarious.

My mom plays video games... but not as much as she'd like because she takes a lot of work home and no-one really helps around the house.

I went to Montreal to compete in a computer music composition tournament in 1996. My entry didn't make it past the first round of eliminations. A CD-ROM circulating amongst certain circles of nerds includes footage of me rapping my first fully realized complete rap song (with my own self-produced beat and everything) to an audience of totally disinterested (fellow) nerds. It was called Mercury Bubbles Blast and it could have sucked worse.

I put out my first solo cassette at the age of sixteen. When I say "solo", I don't mean what most rappers mean. I mean I made every beat, rapped every rap except for one guest verse, recordedprocessed/mixed the whole thing on my cassette four-track, made the cover art and paid for the duplication. It was called BREAK, which is short for Beats, Rhymes, Emotions and Knowledge. It was divided into two thirty minute sides, one called "Rhymes and Knowledge" which featured raps, and one called "Beats and Emotions" that featured fully fleshed-out instrumentals. I've heard other sixteen year-olds rap better than I did, and even make better beats than I did, but not do everything themselves like that. I was very proud of myself.

I worked for two years after that on a collaborative album with my friend who is now known as Ginzu3. We called ourselves Resurrection Brothers 1 & 3 and planned out a 90 minute album. Inspired by Language Arts and 50/50 Where It Counts, we planned to segue everything continuously. We each contributed beats, which although primitive in some ways, were dizzyingly creative in others (layers and chops... amazing). We rapped about eschatology, scatology, tentacle porn, how weird and dope we were, our miserable emotional conditions... you know.. the usual. We got sixty minutes recorded over all the dozens of months we worked on it. Suddenly, Ginzu discovers his other friend can rap, and we bang out a three man side project with Naked J as "The Sentinels" in one week. It's chilling, compelling and hopelessly embryonic. 45 copies were ever made (20 CD, 25 cassette) and I'm the only one with a copy of each now. We've remained close friends, but we haven't worked together since.

(except appearing on two posse cuts together on the Big Talk compilation, but it's more dramatic if I ignore that)

I'm part of a nebulous crew of rap creators called Backburner, along with the Dertroads, the Verbals, Thesis Sahib, Johnny Hardcore and our engineer and devastating beat creator, Fresh Kils. With fellow backburnerites MC Frank Deluxe (from The Verbals, not to be confused with Mike Teluxe from the Skinny Boys) and Thesis Sahib (from Bending Mouth), I am in a group called Imaginary Friends. I think we might have something special.

I write rhymes on crumpled store receipts and post-it notes. I make beats in the old DOS program I've used for nine years.

I am a fucking narcissist and I am abruptly putting an end to this masturbatory reverie. Christ.
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 10:49 pm
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Joined: 08 Oct 2002
Posts: 350
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I love classical music, and well, lots of music, but yeah. If I knew where rachmaninoff was buried I'd Have sweet sex with his rotted remains. Prelude in B minor is probably one of my favorite pieces of all time... kinda, I feel like I was born just to play that song. Music that speaks without words.

I think I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't play piano, Its the only thing that is able to free my mind and all thoughts go away.

I worked as a security gaurd for awhile at a recording studio and rehersal space. Sometimes I would pass out face on the floor all sprawled out, most of the time I'd play the baby grand all night. It was awesome, this spooky old warehouse, dark and silent, and just me and my one true friend.

I always got sucked into these long term relationships, ever since freshman year of highschool. Its been awhile now that I haven't had a relationship(not really that long, relatively long), I miss sex.

blah blah blah.
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 11:10 pm
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Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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Location: San Francisco
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one more thing I've smoked a bowl with quentine tarintino(I don't like weed but I made an exception), and I've yelled "FUCK YOU BITCH" over the phone to Fred Durst
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 12:46 am
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Joined: 15 Sep 2002
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Location: Right here, fool.
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I grew up on punk rock, but always listened to a bit of hip-hop on my own. Never loved it, just liked it as a change. Mama Said Knock You Out was the song I played before every basketball game to get me hyped.

Now I listen to mostly hip-hop; Atmosphere, Sage, Aesop Rock, Buck 65, Eyedea and Adverse are my favorites.

I write. Not just lyrics, I just write. I have a drawer full of stuff that will never be read, a box full of letters that will never be sent, and I have three notebooks on me at all times; one for poetry/lyrics, one for essays/politics, one for letters.

I work a shitty job, trying to save some money to get through college(journalism) and then plan on getting a degree in political science and then one in economics.

I'm getting lyrics together in an attempt to form a band. A ska/hip-hop hybrid, as those are my two musical loves at this current time.

I think Sole got the better of El-P in their beef, but El-P wins because of that phone call he recorded.

I have no girlfriend, and I haven't had one for a long time. I have too much baggage for one girl to ever unpack, so I may be living the rest of my life this way. I understand it; i'm not cool with it, but I understand it.

I know there is nothing tougher than to bury your best friend; well, except burying your three best friends.

I'm a backpacker(literally).

I'm a loner.

I'm alone.

Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 1:02 am
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Joined: 09 Aug 2002
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Location: Sydney, Australia
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I'm 24, look 15 and am about 2 weeks from finishing my second degree, a Graduate Diploma in Television Producing. When I tell people I study television they think I mean I sit at home and watch tv all day. Ironically I don't have enough time to watch the stuff. Anyway, in two weeks I'll be qualified to go make the junk that rots kids brains. I'm pretty excited about it! I'm also excited about finishing my course because I've had to spend the entire year sharing an office with possibly the single most annoying individual I've had the displeasure of meeting. She is a dipshit.

So I've spent the last few months working on our major production at school, making Crim TV. A show about crime and crime culture in Australia, presented from the POV of the criminal. The show's hosted by an ex international safe cracker with guests invited on the show each week to talk about crime and the criminal world. Who'd have thought at the beginning of the year that I'd spend about three months of my life tracking down and talking to murderer's, rapists, armed robbers, drug dealers, undercover police, and key charachters from the 80's hey day of Sydney's crime underworld.

When I'm not busy pursuing a "career" I skip.

Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 1:12 am
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Joined: 04 Jul 2002
Posts: 992
Location: exiled in Cackalack!
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I'm 23 years old.

I've done every hallucinogenic drug that you can think of, many, many times.

I used to like punk rock but I can't stand it anymore for so many reasons it ain't even funny. I've always loved hiphop, it was the first type of music I really got into. Even tho I grew up listenin to my dad's rock records, I really didn't get into rock until late into my middle school years with Jimi Hendrix and Living Colour. Even thru then I still listened to rap. I was one of the first kids in my school to ever know who TF Wu-Tang was. The first rap I ever heard was Run DMC, NWA, the Fat Boys, and the Beastie Boys. One of my fondest memories in elementary school was singin the hook to Mary Mary really loud all the time. That and the hook to You Talk Too Much. I used to stay up late nites at 10pm (which is pretty much early as hell nowadays since most of us can't go to bed til the sun's up) and listen to the local late nite hiphop show (called the Rap Attack, I wish I knew what station that was, but I can't remember, ah well) at a low volume cause it was around the time when everyone started thinkin rap condoned violence n all that and I didn't know what my folks would think. The next day I'd be talkin to my classmates (my class at the time was predominately black) about the ish I heard the night before.

I have ADHD in the worst way. I was diagnosed in the 3rd grade. They tried to put me on ritalin but was taken off it soon after cause it wasn't workin. This was back when they didn't know what to do with it cause they thought it wasn't a huge deal and thought it was some sort of behavoiral problem and not some kinda chemical embalance. Instead of doin anything about it, they pulled me outta my school, and put me in another that I never seen before with kids I didn't know. To make matters worse, they put me in a special ed class (not just any, it was actually a delinquent class, with kids who're in there for fightin all the time and beatin up teachers, yeah they stuck me in a class that was appropriate for me, riiiiight). They labeled us emotionally handicapped. Can't imagine what it did for my self esteem. Led me to think I wasn't normal at all. Everyone in the class I was put in was tight, we all knew each other well and we looked after each other. At the same time tho, we fought each other, and I'm not jus talkin bout wrestlin on the ground, I'm talkin bout throwin desks, destroyin property n shit, ECW didn't have shit on us. Funny thing was, we were all hangin out later on. We were all bitter bout the fact that so many kids we saw in "mainstream" classes needed to be in here worse than some of us. We learned how the system worked a lot more than most kids would know at that time. Another great thing about the class I was in was the teachers we had were actually really good teachers who seriously cared about us and gettin an education and cared about our well being. We'd learn a lot more than what most teachers were spittin at their students. We didn't know it but we were blessed to have such caring and respected teachers. I learned a lot from bein in that kinda class, but damn, they didn't have to add insult to injury n put me on the damn short bus.

I ran away from home when I was 17 and hitchhiked up n down the east coast.

I've been blessed to see a lotta good shows around here (a lot of em were years ago but still, blessed to know that I've seen some of em when this place had a really live hiphop scene) like gang starr (back in their hard to earn days), redman (back in his hitsquad days and IMO round the time he put out his best ish "whut thee album"), busta rhymes, KRS One, Outkast and so on..

a lot of my hiphop (among other types of music) collection was stolen along with a lotta other ish from me by cats who I thought were my friends but were jus usin me.

I've been to jail (orange jumpsuit n all) for shit I didn't even do (lets jus say I was at the wrong place at the wrong time). I've gotten my life threatened (on a few occasions), gun held to my head by someone I thought was a friend of mine but like I said before was jus usin me. Needless to say after all that, it didn't happen again.

I live in one of the most backwards and conservative states. Cats jus don't hide their racism here, well they do more now than they did years ago. You can still see it plain as day here tho. I've been called race traitor, "ni**er lover", and whatever other racist nonsense under the sun jus cause I listened to wu-tang clan over country music.

I've taken martial arts, a few different styles, mostly karate, kung fu (well a variation of it call grey-chi), and a lil kickboxing.

a lot of people here (ppl I don't even know) know me as "dance floor drew", (shit you not, why does that sound embarassing now that I think of it??), cause I was never afraid to move at shows I s'pose.

I've lived in a few spots here n there. Quebec City, upstate NY, Philly, LA (for a real short time, a month or two).

I'm single as hell rite now.

I don't do drugs.

I'm a vegetarian.

I'm back home livin with moms, I've been since I came home from LA.

I'm an okayplayer hehehe

I'm sort of a dj (if ya even wanna call me that, I'm not all that good rite now hehe).

I'm an anime geek (especially DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Urotsukidoji, etc.. but never got into Neon Genesis Evangeleon for some reason). I love japanese cinema (ever notice just about every movie invovles the Yakuza somehow??), hell I love japanese culture period.

damn, I can't think of anything else. I think I jus told yall my damn life story.
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 3:02 am
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Joined: 27 Sep 2002
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my cats breathe smells like cat food
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 3:16 am
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Joined: 04 Jul 2002
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so does mine.
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 3:20 am
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Joined: 24 Sep 2002
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i have some horrible add, super ritalin kid
i dont know if its a blessing or a curse
i think like 3 thoughts at a time, its hard to focus on stuff
like class, or getting to sleep

i fell in love with this gorl (bad move) i was with her for 5yrs, trying to help her, and support her, once she felt better about herslef she decided she was too good for me, and moved on

i love being a stepping stone

i have to create, its the only therapy i have, i cant afford prozak, or a shrink, but i need something

i drew when i was young, i got a computer when i was older, it was my only friend growing up, i didnt understand fitting in, i didnt follow the local trends,

i have been alone most of my life

now the computer is still my best frined, and its how i live (i am a graphic designer now) but i found some friends, and oddly enough they are all alot like me, independent thinkers, like some of you

im 22 now, and art and alcahol are my only escape from myself

i hate weed, it makes it so i can hear my thoughts better, but i still smoke it on occasion

i used to be sXe, and i respect anyone who still is, but i wasent strong enought to stay sober

i grew up on punkrock, cause everypne hated them too, hip hop is modern punk, music created by independent artists, from the heart

punk is just a trend now, you need a uniform to go to a show these days, dont forget your lil metal studs and leather, but the artists at the top of that pyramid still deserve respect

some of that wasent about me, but its my opinion, and that says alot about a person
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 6:04 am
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Joined: 20 Sep 2002
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damn califunky straight out of a fuckin chuck palahniuk book, it's eerie how that sounded like chuck palahniuk (read his shit, author of fight club)
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 3:53 pm
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Frank T.J. Mackey

Joined: 07 Jul 2002
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Location: 1-800-TAME-HER
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i was born in the late 70's.
my mother had me when she was 14.
i was adopted as an infant.
i don't really like using the word "adopted," but it helps people understand my situation.
grew up in l.a. around the time of the movie "colors" and the l.a. riots.
everything you hear about gangs in l.a. in the 80's is true.
i had a pretty good childhood, except seeing my adopted mother's grandson abuse drugs.
discovered rap music through the greatest radio station ever, 1580 a.m. kday.
n.w.a, public enemy, and boogie down productions laid my foundation.
went to both, an inner city school, and then bussed to a privilged school, outsider at both.
throughout years mother has more children, biological father not in picture.
adopted parents died, moved with step-father's family.
no longer a child, things get complicated.
went from only child situation to living with five brothers, three cousins, aunt, uncle, stepfather, grandmother, plus whoever came to flop.
became a full on introvert.
barely graduated from high school.
went to college, majored in achitecture.
dropped out of college.
got a job in retail.
enrolled back in college.
got first real girlfriend, moved in with first real girlfriend.
prefected the art of unintentionally pissing off first real girlfriend.
sage frances become new favorite rapper, after years of a love/hate relationship with hip-hop music.
now at the time of transfering to a four year university.
now in the process of writing personal statement.
if you read this, thank you.
if you scroll through this, thank you.
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 7:41 pm
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gerhupsom vanbone

Joined: 03 Jul 2002
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[quote="dfein"]i have some horrible add, super ritalin kid
i dont know if its a blessing or a curse
i think like 3 thoughts at a time, its hard to focus on stuff
like class, or getting to sleep

Are those signs of ADD?

Well I geuss I have ADD as well.
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 8:08 pm
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Joined: 09 Oct 2002
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Location: new orleans
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I'm 21 yrs. old and grew up in ghettoville.
I'm a girl.
A relatively cute girl thats attracted to most and dates no one.
I don't feel people understand me, not even my best friend.
I can't remember not liking rap (with eventually turned into hip hop). Music defines me. All kinds. How do I know? It hasn't gotten old.Period.
I don't know why people act the way that they do, even though I see myself in every last one of them.
I am creative.
I let people hurt me but you'd never know.
My ex left me at my worst.
I've had a great day.
My life is good, despite the negative tude you see.
Thanks for your time.
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 8:11 pm
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Joined: 07 Nov 2002
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Location: minneap/st. paul
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i have no friends
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 8:22 pm
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Joined: 12 Aug 2002
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Location: Burlington, VT
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Both my parents were hit by a drunk driver and killed when i was 9.
My 16 year old sister commited suicide soon after.
I live with my 21 year old other sister who happens to be a lesbian.
Im a senior in high school.
im a stoner
I made honor roll
hope moms proud
Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 8:28 pm
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