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The tell me something interesting about your life thread
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Joined: 01 Jul 2002
Posts: 958
Location: rhode island
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I have never been drunk.
My girlfriend broke up with me a little while ago and said that i broke up with her.
I'm a freshman in college.
I just told the first girl i ever loved that I'm falling back in love with her.
She has a boyfriend.
And i think i might have just ruined our friendship.

I rap.
I used to DJ.
Graffiti got me into hip hop... and jail.
Then breakdancing... then DJing... and now rapping.

I was on the Providence youth slam team last year.
I have one of Sage's papers from high school. He passed em out at a show once.

I'm vegan.
I'm sick.
I'm depressed.
I have a bottle of liquid codine sitting next to me.
God's not a woman.

I look a lot like Bob Dylan.
I hope i dont when im older.
I throw myself at people knowing that i am making a huge mistake.

I don't understand the opposite sex... and i want the entire world to know that.
I almost died when i was born.
Umbilical chord around the neck.

College is a joke.
I don't sleep... ever.
I just cant.
The word "Prison" is written acrss my chest and i can't remember when i wrote it.

That's good for now>?
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 1:48 pm
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Joined: 21 Jul 2002
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I spent 4 months in juvenile hall for breaking someone's jaw with a frying pan and then smashing their face in a fridge door after they raped my best friend. I was also arrested for assisting in placing someone's car in a river with 6 friends of mine. In total, I've been arrested 6 times.

I was a competitve amateur boxer for 4 years while in college and only lost once.

I was an alcoholic at 14. Straight Edge from 15-21 and now drink again. I was Vegan for 4 years and eat meat again.

My old hardcore band did two European tours, two US tours and one South American tour. Released 2 LP's, 2 7"'s, and had lots of entertaining T-shirts.

I once had my picture taken with Vanilla Ice and he asked me if I wanted to smoke down with him. I also once saw a good friend of mine sucker punch Kid Rock, and another friend of mine (female) popped Jewel in the face and broke her nose (I wasn't there though).

I deejay all the time, yet never seem to get any better. I'm in the Unfadeables with the likes of Deckmaster D, Jammin' Jay, and Scotty D (that shit's old school).

I'm in graduate school for philosophy, studying Nietzsche, Foucault, Frankfurt School, Hegel, Heidegger, Lacan, Zizek, Nancy, Lacoue-Labarthe, Lukacs, Badiou, Levinas. Althusser, and others. I'll have my Ph.D. in a couple of years and then not have a job and be useless.

I'm very strong but extremely hairy, yet my girlfriend thinks it's attractive. I'm lucky. We've been dating for nearly 2.5 years.

Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 2:47 pm
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Joined: 01 Jul 2002
Posts: 958
Location: rhode island
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nwo that was a good one....

Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 5:58 pm
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August Spies

Joined: 09 Aug 2002
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Location: D.C.
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yeah the first Batchlor... um no he hasn't married the girl yet. He was with her last time I checked, im going to see him at chirstmas time so I guess ill know the deal then.
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 6:10 pm
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Joined: 07 Aug 2002
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Location: frederick, Md
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Something interesting? I am only 16 and nothing interesting has happened in my life really. I would do anything to get a girlfriend( it has been a good damn 8 months since i have had a good steady, steady relationship that is) i got hooked with some rhazel at the beggining of 6th grade, been practicing my beat boxing since then, and i am getting to be almost incredible at it( i listen to dj's all the time also and have almost conquered every scratch noise out there too). i started writing half way through 7th grade, and i have gotten much better at it, but i wouldn't say it's good yet, and my brother introduced me to Sage sometime last year. Thanx, i'm done.

Brian aka Praton3030
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 6:44 pm
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Joined: 21 Sep 2002
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grew up in austin, texas...
saw hundreds of gang fights by the time i was kid was taken away in an ambulance after getting jumped in the cafeteria...
never had a friend who wasn't black or hispanic until my family moved to england after sophomore year of high school (i was called wigger more times than i could ever count because i loved hip hop)...
i am incapable of expressing my feelings to anyone close to me - this is why i have never had a relationship longer than 3 months...
i am a college senior in boston and realized i just wasted the last 4 years of my life studying a bullshit major...
i am extremely introverted and scared of the world...

Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 6:45 pm
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Joined: 01 Nov 2002
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- I work full time and go to school full time.

- I'm gonna be a high school teacher and eventually if things go the way I hope they will, I'll be a professor of Labor History.

- I have been doing a metal/hardcore/grindcore show on a college radio station for 5 years and have gotten used to people who are surprised and say: "Whoa, you're a chick and you rock!"

- My finest accomplishment is knowing I brought Heavy Metal back to Milwaukee. Our station used to have a metal show in the 80's but got into trouble with a christian women's organization. We, WMSE, got lots of bad publicity and fired the metal DJ's and vowed never to have another metal show again. They locked up all the metal records and never brought them out until I came along in '97, under the guise of being a "Hardcore" show. My station manager heard me apologize to someone for forgetting my Iron Maiden and he rushed out of the studio and brought back an arm load full of metal records. After that, our metal records that were locked up found their rightful place back in our music library.Rock N' Roll.

- I am Vegan and SXE

- I read Nietzsche in 8th grade(Beyond Good and Evil) because Robert Smith said he was cool.

- I have many tattoos, they are addicting. My boyfriend just got his first one and now understands the symetrical need for more.

- I have an acrylic paintig of Mr.T that matches my Pea Green colored wall.
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 6:56 pm
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Joined: 01 Jul 2002
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Location: asheville, NC and NYC
i've got to, too  Reply with quote  

i have the worst luck of any person i know. seriously.

i, too, have lived in the same house, same room all 21 years of my life. (except now, and when i was in college for two years...)

i live in NYC. after leaving EVERYTHING i have ever known and getting hit by a car, i've realized that this isn't the place i want to live for rest of my life, or after i finish school.

i have 5 brothers. 4 are older, however the one that is younger is still bigger then me, so i just consider him to be older...b/c when it comes down to it, he can kick my ass, haha.

i love marijuana and alcohol.
i, at one point in my life, was addicted to crystal meth.
i've done every drug atleast once.

i love guys who treat me like SHIT. i love them. no matter what, i'll pick the biggest asshole everytime. every fucking time.

i have a huge crushes on sage, mr. dibbs, and lord grunge. haha...but they all know that shit. (or atleast they do now, hahahaha...whatever, it's true.)

i, too, almost died as a baby. i was 2, actually. my brother found me, blue with no heart beat. they called me or whatever in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. my mother wouldn't accept that i was dead and SOMEHOW i came back. it's really weird for me to think about that sometimes b/c it's like 19 yrs. ago, i was dead and now 19 yrs. later, i'm alive...

i was raped my freshman year of college.

i have cancer. and cancer fucking loves me more then ANYTHING ever has. this shit just won't go away...

death is the most confusing thing i have ever had to deal with. it's brought out emotions i didn't even know existed.

and on a happier note...i fucking love dogs. GOD. if i could have a dog up here, which i can't anyway b/c i have no money and can barely walk like a normal person, i would be 100 times happier.

Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 7:00 pm
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Joined: 02 Jul 2002
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Coolest. Thread. Ever.  Reply with quote  

I'm 22.

I work full time at a community college. I've been working here since I was 15. I only get paid once a month.

My education sucks. Didn't get to walk in middleschool (but passed), didn't get to walk in highschool (didn't graduate), and I'll probably won't walk in college. I just don't really care about it cause I feel that school is not for me. And I have to pay for school so it sucks.

My first musical release was under the group Fhraecus. We released the Procrastination EP in 1998. We sold only a 1000 copies. It sold at the ATAK site and Below the Surface in Burlingame,Ca. I'm proud of the album because the same material got us to open up for acts (and personal heroes like) LL, anticon, and mikah 9/P.E.A.C.E. Fhraecus called it quits and The Eggbeaterzz were born from the crumbs.

I've been with Christine for seven years now. Why? Cause I chose her. She's probably reading this now you spying little...

My house burned to the ground in 2000. The lowest point of my life. It was awesome seeing people care about you and your family but it was such a traumatic experiance that it still haunts me till this day. I hate seeing firetrucks racing by.

I'm a huge Cure fan. I like the fact that these 40 year old men can wear make up, play suicide music, and still get mad props. Got a chance to see their last tour too. Even though I haven't talked to him before I noticed that another person that likes The Cure is Laz Divine. What up homie?

That's all I want to share.
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 7:06 pm
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Joined: 07 Aug 2002
Posts: 235
Location: frederick, Md
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p.s. i forgot to say that the longest relationship i have had with a girl, is 1 1/2 months(what a bitch she is now)done.
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 7:39 pm
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Joined: 04 Jul 2002
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.  Reply with quote  

i have a new son
i live and breathe him
i don't like people invading my space
i don't like talking to people i don't know
i can sit in the woods or on/by a bayou or river for hours on end
everybody writes
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 8:00 pm
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Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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Location: San Francisco
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23, born in mexico city, my father was 22 my mom was 18, we lived in a storage room on a rooftop, my dad went to school on scholarships, he got one to come to the us, we moved to boulder 1 1/2 I got sick, doctors said I'd die, I now have a bad cough that sneaks up on me unexpectedly

I moved to college station texas where my dad studied for his phd at Texas A&M, we lived in married student housing because it was 150 bucks a month for a one bedroom apartment, my dad delivered newspapers and cleaned daycare centers, my mom cleaned churches, all my friends were from other countries, the only "white kids" I played with were russians or australians, everyone else was from mexico, brazil, venezula, camaroon, nigeria, iran, egypt, china, korea, philipines, argentina

I learned algebra in the second grade

my dad taught himself to fix cars because we couldn't afford to pay someone, he started fixing students cars, I went with him because I never had a babysitter....I learned to fix cars

when I was 11 I moved to bryan texas, my neighbors house was shot at daily, most of my friends from that neighborhood are still there selling drugs, raising kids, or in prison

at 11 I was driving

at 12 I swapped my first engine

at 13 I moved to phoenix arizona, because all my dads schooling paid off and he got a job with american express

got in to low riders and hanging out with a bunch of kids who thought they were bloods

went to the university of texas for a year and half, I left because I thought drinking was a major

then enrolled in at arizona state, there for 2 1/2 years and I left because I got sick of engineering and I met a woman, at scribble jam this year, so I went to san francisco to visit her, it was great and I made the decision to move, I went back to phoenix packed my bags and tied up any loose ends and now I live in san francisco, don't have a job but I'm happy as fuck and she's fucking great

through out my life I have gotten about 23 tickets, mostly speeding, been in jail twice, one dui,

oh and I like drinking beer a LOT
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 8:09 pm
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Mikal kHill

Joined: 29 Jun 2002
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I am 21 years old. My real name is Michael Kermit Hill. When you say mikal kHill the H is silent, goddammit.

My brother was one year younger than me. He died before his first birthday. My earliest memory is of leaving his grave. My mom told me to say goodbye, and I was bawling, completely torn down. She told me again, and then I was like "I am saying goodbye." She's like, "What do you mean?" And I said... "Crying is my way of saying goodbye." I have only been to his grave one time since, with my mother, and it was a non-event for me, though she cried the entire time. HIs birthday was in December. My parents get very depressed right around now, and it doesn't end for more than a few hours at a time until January.

My other brother, who is three years younger than me, died when he was 4. He choked to death and was legally dead for a few minutes. He was resicitated and had a learning disability due to the loss of oxygen to his brain. For many years he was very violent. In the first year or so after he choked, he used to talk about his previous family and pet dog. He described his previous death as a different child in great detail to my mother. He grew out of it, and now you can't tell he's "slow" at all. He was picked on for many years for being overweight and short. He had heart surgery, grew quite a bit extremely quickly, lost the weight and then beat the shit out of a lot of the kids that made him miserable for being the short fat kid. He's the thuggish one.

Of all my little quirks and idiosincrities, one thing remains constant: Cross my brother and I'll fucking end you.

My family often didn't have power in the house. I remember mom cooking on a gas camping grill that folded up like a suitcase in the kitchen. We used to heat our bathwater on that motherfucker. Food usually was instant grits or sandwhichs. Durning a few school years the only food I got was the free lunch I got at school. My family was evicted at least once a year up until I was in highschool, when my uncle took out a bank loan for us to buy a house with. My parents are paying him back. Slowly.

My mother is an alcoholic. My father snorts pills. My ex-girlfriend, who I dated for two and a half years and was a safety net for for the additional two and a half after that, left me because her extended family convinced her I would beat her, do drugs, and would never hold a job. She regreted her decision eventually, but by then things were too fucked to repair.

I never did any drugs or even drank until after she left me. I still don't do drugs, and only periodically drink. My parents scared me away from drugs.

I realized that I was over my ex, when I could no longer write any songs about her. After that, I was incapable of writing a decent song until I met Laura.

I listen to lots of acoustic singer songwriter stuff, and hiphop. I used to do horrorcore rap. I still find it very entertaining. Now I just do whatever seems right at the time. It's all hiphop, so long as it has heart.

Don't call me emo, gangsta.

When I went to see sage, I bought all three of the 'Sick of' cds he had for sale, and didn't realize that I had bought them from him until I was walking into the room to see Grand Buffet (or was it D7...) play. When he asked me my name after the show when I was buying my trusty Sage shirt, I just shook his hand, said nice show and left... It was an incredibly awkward moment. He looked completely perplexed by what I said. I felt really stupid.

The only musicians I've felt stupid when I met were Hayden and Sage.

I have a hiphop crew that uses live instruments. Our website is

I feel like a vain bastard after writing this much shit about myself... But I do it every time.

-dr. kHill

Edited for the year 2006, son!

Last edited by Mikal kHill on Sat Sep 02, 2006 11:19 am; edited 1 time in total
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 8:29 pm
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gerhupsom vanbone

Joined: 03 Jul 2002
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im 14 and nothin really happens in my life.

I was adopted as was my sister.

I dont know my biological parents.

When i was a baby i had ear infections all the time.they put tube things in my ears to stop them from happening so much.

I cant spell.

I cant stand it when people misspell on purpose.unless of course there joking about people who misspell on purpose.

I play video games.alot.

I draw with mechanical pencils quite well.

I hate everyone, but not anyone particular. which doesn't make much sence.

I have problems asking people things.

I hav problems whith people getting to close to me.

I dont talk too much to most people I know.unless there my friends.

I talk to strangers quite well.Unless of course there selling things.

I dont like drugs for some reason I cant explain.

My family drinks, but not very much. One day when i was like five I asked my dad what that foul smelling substance he was putting in his mouth tasted like he offered to let my try a sip, and i refused.

I love my parents.

I used to hum uncontrollably.wich lead to me learning how to beatbox sorta before I had even really heard rap.

I now get in troublw for beat boxing during class.

I got into rap when I was about nine.loved it.

got into sage and anticon a little while ago now I hate most rap.

Im trying to learn how to play guitar.

I skateboard when i can.

Im christian and go to a christian school.

I like poetry but am too lazy to write things down.

I wish i was as imaganative now as I was when I was five

When i was like seven or so I was desperately afraid of nuclear war. Whenever I heard loud sounds the first thought that came to my head was we are all gonna die.

This lasted for about three years.

Im sarcastic kinda.that came from my dad.

I have a hard time accepting money from people unless its my parents, or christmas.

I watch the T.V. guide channel when friends are over.

I can have those "holyer than thou" attitudes sometimes.But I am overall a fairly humble person.

I dont loose my temper very easily.

I am a patient person.kinda.

I type too much on this forum.

one time I was curious about what it felt like to fall off the edge of a slide backwards and land on my back.needless to say I tryed it, and now my back hurts alot.

I have problem with my confidence.

I hate shaving and have yet to figure out why.

I have been against Nike since I was nine and against name brands since I was ten.

I mumble.

I make beats.kinda.

Thats it for now I guess
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 8:52 pm
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Petrouchka Rasputin

Joined: 30 Jun 2002
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I just spent much too long typing out my life story, but you wouldn't want to read it so it's gone. Everything is better left unsaid.

One interesting thing about me: I have a mole up in my bellybutton. But it doesn't look like Jesus.
Post Fri Nov 15, 2002 9:51 pm
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