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Freedom of Information Act sends its regards...
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Shane this is a good post. I'll admit it took me twice over, to fully ingest the fancy shamncy legal vernacular. Do you think this will be abused, like you say, labeling a terrorist is loose, authority may just label someone a terrorist as a means of bypassing disclosure rights? Maybe I confused the subejct? Is this bill you posted active or inactive?
Also....what is the logic behind your friend 'overtrhowing the gov.' because of possesing drugs? If the reason is he broke the law, then most people are conspiring to overthrow the gov. Too vague, and loose of terminology 'terrorist'.
Lastly....What you said about your mom, feeling terrorized in the presence of traffic police, is true. But you have to wonder, is that really terrorism? Or is that just ourselves creating terrorism for ourselves. I don't know. I'm on the fence with that one. It's wrong your mom would have to feel like that, but maybe it's neccessary, to prevent 'anarchy'(loose stretch of word, similar to terrorize) among drivers. So maybe the terrorized feeling, is for our own good, to keep us in check? That's not a righteous relationship though. Analysis is dope.

Post Sat Nov 16, 2002 12:12 am
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