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I was at the Sage show last night In Tempe, Az
I was suprised Sage was hawkin his own stuff
at the booth with cd's and shirts
I got his known Unsoldier CD
I had him sign it as "your a wack muthafucka"
Sage was real friendly I was suprised by that
I guess he has to be when he is juicing people
for there ducketts at the shows but it did
seem geniune
No roadies, no dj, no hypeman no nothing
I take him to be like a nomad traveling the countryside
alone in the same clothes for days stopping in each major
city to put on a show then on to the next one...
The show was on point he has good energy
and good breath control for a live show epecially
with no hype man he didnt seem to get too fatigued
he did a few songs with some girl from the crowd
hugging on him and they danced as well she wouldnt leave
the stage though and sage finally directed her to the floor
there was a guy who looked like he had some health problems
either cancer or leukimia or something and Sage let em go on stage
and chill on the side which was very cool

he did alot of my favorite songs
He started off the show with the intro to Ice-T's Iceberg: Freedom of Speech
Just Watch What You Say Album (his 3rd album)
he did Makeshift Patriot as the 1st main song
he did a fierce spoke word joint that was hot nothing about it was pedantic
he did Climb Trees which the crowd was really feeling
though he didnt do the chorus sumbitch!
he did Rewrite but didnt say bitch when that part came up
he did 2 verses of the Emperor's new Clothing I had only heard 1 verse on that song..overall the show was very good fast paced with not alot of dicking around or lame crowd participation crap like this side is louder than that side stuff.. everybody say ho everybody scream that stuff is lame
Sage seems to be light on his fight and showed several jazzy dance moves he may have a future as a ballet dancer

It was alot of entertainment for 12 bucks
Post Wed Nov 06, 2002 12:52 pm
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics. This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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