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Where does Ayn Rand fit in hip hop?
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My point was that the existence of our thoughts doesn't dictate our identity as we know it (our-selves), and I'm fairly sure Joe would agree with me. They may (although who knows, I'm not so sure what 'I think' means yet) secure the fact that you exist, but they don't provide you with identity, our identity is provided by our interactions with others and our surroundings. Most importantly how they reflect our own self-image back onto us. Guhhh, I'm tired, and don't feel like attempting to explain Hegel right now, I've been doing it in class all week.

Either way, no I don't think Joe disagrees with Descartes on cogito ergo sum, but may not agree with the implications that it has had in philosophy since Descartes wrote the Meditations. The general idea is that our existence and our identity are essentially the same thing (meaning our identity comes about with our existence), but I do not think this, and my sentiment on this is far from controversial or revolutionary...yikes, far from it. Goodness, I ought to shut up now I'm babbling, I apologize, if you want to yammer on philosophically, continue....

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