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i rock a camo mesh hat that says "I hunt white tails - Year Round!" with the furry butt of a white tailed deer and the white butt of a blonde girl. i wear it because i think its funny that someone wore it seriously. i wear it because it feels like butter on my head. i wear it because i wear crazy amounts of brown. i wear it because it makes me laugh. oh yeah, joey is right, chicks dig it.
Post Fri Oct 18, 2002 12:38 pm
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August Spies wrote:
you guys take everything to far. What I described is a pretty typical hip hop style. No, obviously it does not represent all of hip hop. Nothing does. but we have to speak in generalizations to make any kind of coherent thoughts.

ahh fuck it, whatever, maybe its not the main hip hop style. My point was merely that I find THAT style, whatever it is, to be very aesthetically displeasing.


well I wasn't really disagreein with ya on that or anything. It is ridiculous. I'm tired of walkin down the street and lookin everywhere n findin the same exact thing over n over again. Over-sized jerseys, the doo rag, kufi, headband, oversized cap with a bandana over, pants that you can fit two midgets in etc etc etc. It is annoying. Fuck Fabolus for makin people think this is ok.
Post Fri Oct 18, 2002 9:59 pm
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