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RealAudio of my performance from Saturday
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the mole

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RealAudio of my performance from Saturday  Reply with quote  

I did a neat-o performance on Saturday. Here is some RealAudio:
56k -
28k -

What you'll miss by not being able to see it is that I entered wearing cowboy boots and hat, riding piggyback on a guy waering a horse mask. Also, there is a skit in which a bad guy with a big black mustache shoots me. I drop to the floor and a girl and the horse rush to my side. When I get back up, the bad guy tries to shoot me again but he's out of ammo, so I draw my gun and almost shoot him, but I decide to torture him instead by tying him to a chair and rapping in his face. At the end I ride back out on my horse. You also won't be able to see my awesome dancing and mean looks coming from the hardcore hip-hop heads in the back of the room. Enjoy.

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Post Mon Jul 08, 2002 8:26 pm
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